Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

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It’s a dirty job, but

    someone has to do it…

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The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank opens a branch at 822 Rochdale Road in Manchester’s Queen’s Park area, some time before 1920.  This exterior image of the Branch comes from a book published by in 1922, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. In 1952 the address of the Branch is changed to 476 Rochdale Road, and currently we are going with the assumption that properties in this road were renumbered, as they were in other parts of Manchester around the same time.  Despite having the threat of demolition over its head for many years, Queens Park Branch stays open under Barclays until 1981. Back in 1967, Martins Bank Magazine goes on a tour of some of the Manchester branches – branches which, let’s face it, have seen better days, or are situated in what might be called “rough” areas, or both. 

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In Service: from around 1920 to 23 January 1981

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Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections – W N Townson Bequest

In what is a quite detailed article, they leave Queen’s Park branch until last, and we like this particular part of the Magazine’s feature because the accompanying picture is the only one printed that actually shows the “make do and mend” spirit of these less fortunate outposts of Martins Bank; a bonus, too, that it is also the only colour image! 

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Queen's Park Staff 1967 MBM-Au67P25.jpg1967 03 MBM.jpg{Branches with compulsory purchase orders hanging over them, were one reason for our journey to Manchester, the other and better reason being that people who have never seen and perhaps never will see some of these offices tend to shudder at the thought of them and we wanted to find out if they were truly shudder-worthy…}  {Lest anybody is wondering why we left Queen’s Park branch to the end the explanation is that it is so typical of all the branches that it seemed best to portray it in colour for it, too, makes the most of what it has got —modern floor tiles to match the old wall tiles, the solidity and austerity of the old type managerial sanctum offset by a friendly interior, the iron railings to dis­courage disrespect and, in the background, the seem­ingly inevitable row of ‘dwellings’  In the foreground, the staff.  Strange perhaps that in all this we have not mentioned a single member of any branch staff by name. If you want to know why come over into the corner where nobody will hear. Suppose you worked in some godforsaken area where you felt you wanted to wash your hands every time you handled notes or have a bath the minute you got off the bus. Or, if you were the manager, wished you could fumigate the room after some of the interviews which may be religious, racial, marital or even financial.  Suppose that you did all these things every working day and shifted a pile of work and put up with a lot of discomfort and difficulties and somebody came along and saw these things and wrote a paeon of praise and said ‘Jolly good show!’ You’d feel downright embar­rassed, wouldn’t you ?}

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Goodbye Mr Moss…

1969 01 MBM.jpg1941  to 1969 Mr G M Moss MBM-Sp69P55.jpgAt a happy party at the local Conservative Club on 30 January, Gilbert Moss said goodbye to his colleagues at Queen’s Park, where he has spent twenty-eight of his forty-three years’ service.  The remainder was divided between branches in the Manchester District and four years with H. M. Forces.  Over forty past and present staff met to wish him and Mrs Moss a long and happy retirement and to present him with a ciné projector, and Mrs Moss with a bouquet. Mr R Ashburn (Manager) paid tribute to Mr Moss’s ability, and to his unflagging enthusiasm and helpfulness throughout his many years at the one branch.

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1920 to 1935 Mr A W Seddon joined the bank here MBM-Wi63P56.jpg

1928 to 1928 Mr F R Spedding joined the bank here MBM-Wi68P07.jpg

1941  to 1969 Mr G M Moss MBM-Sp69P55.jpg

1945 to 1954 Mr C Spencer Manager MBM-Su59P51.jpg

1947 to 1951 Mr K T Downham Pro Manager MBM-Wi60P50.jpg






Mr A W Seddon

Joined the Bank Here

1920 to 1935

Mr F R Spedding

Joined the Bank Here

1928 to 1928

Mr G M Moss

On the Staff

1941 to 1969

Mr W D Rushworth

Joined the Bank Here

1945 to 1947

Mr C Spencer


1945 to 1954

Mr K T Downham

Pro Manager

1947 to 1951






1967 Miss C A Fairlie MBM-Au67P25.jpg

1967 Mr P J Grey MBM-Au67P25.jpg

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Miss C A Fairlie

On the Staff


Mr P J Grey

On the Staff


Miss M Moores

On the staff


Mr G M Moss

Pro Manager


Mr R Ashburn



Mr W H Florey

Assistant Manager



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476 Rochdale Road


384 Rochdale Road





Index Number and District:

Opening Hours:





11-02-70 Manchester Queen’s Park

Main Branch

476 Rochdale Road Manchester 9

770 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Winsford 2929

Nightsafe Installed

Mr R Ashburn Manager

Manchester Portland Street

Around 1920

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

23 January 1981

Opened by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-55-02 Manchester Queen’s Park


Manchester Seymour Grove

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