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Halifax Commercial Bank

Bradford is one of a number of towns where the large number of Martins Bank Branches has come about throught the various bank mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in the first quarter of the twentieth century. 

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1960 s Bradford Tyrrel Street Exterior 2 CU BGA Ref 30-356.jpg

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In 1969, Martins Bank still has branches at Tyrrel Street, (including Bradford international branch) University, Great Horton, Manningham and Sunbridge Road, and that’s after the closures of Market street in 1928 and Clayton in 1932.  Bradford Branch, it turns out, is crucial to the future prosperity of the bank. Choosing a manager to secure the necessary business to keep it that way, is no easy task.  In this respect, 1953 is a particularly important year for the branch, as we see below…Sep 1.jpg

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One out…

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1953 02 MBM.jpg1948 to 1952 Mr L W Smith Manager MBM-Su53P53.jpgNearly one hundred immediate and past colleagues shared in the gift of a walnut bureau to mark the retirement of Mr. L. W. Smith, and about eighty were present at a very pleasing ceremony which took place at Bradford branch on April 30th. Many tributes, serious and humorous, were paid by Mr. E. C. Beardwood, Sub Manager, in whose efficient hands all arrange­ments for the occasion had rested, and others followed in similar racy vein from Mr. E. V. Fielding for the more senior colleagues, Miss M. M. Rushforth on behalf of the ladies, Mr. A. J. Talbot for the younger staff, Mr. J. A. Holgate representing visiting colleagues and from Mr. H. R. Suttle. In making the presentation Mr. T. A. Samuel, Leeds District General Manager, spoke of the many qualities which had helped Mr. Smith throughout his career, particularly during that difficult period in which Bradford's principal commodity, wool, had reached record prices and then had fallen in value with unprecedented rapidity.  In more jocular tones Mr. Samuel referred to Mr. Smith's well known vivacity, humour and zest for life, attributes upon which all speakers had touched. In a typical speech Mr. Smith acknowledged the gift and all the accompanying references, and gave us glimpses of episodes throughout his life in the Bank. Everyone was the guest of Mr. Smith at a cocktail party and, later, at dinner at the Liberal Club where Mrs. Smith joined her husband as hostess and was presented with a bouquet of carnations by Miss A. S. Joist. • Mr. Smith entered the service at Bradford in 1910, and during the First World War he served with the Forces between 1914 and 1919, returning to Bradford when he was demobilised. In 1927 he was transferred to Sunbridge Road, where he became Pro Manager in 1929. In 1936 he was appointed Sub Manager at Bradford and in 1938 Manager of Vicar Lane, returning to Bradford as Manager in 1948.

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…and one in!

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1953 to 1961 Mr H R Suttle Manager MBM-Su53P16.jpgThe appointment to the managership of our Bradford branch is one of the most important managerial appointments in the Bank. Our office at Bradford is one of the largest in the service and one of the most vital links in the chain of our continued prosperity. In succession to Mr. L. W. Smith, who has retired, Mr. H. R. Suttle has been appointed.  Mr. Suttle is a native of the district in which he is quite well-known. He commenced his career at Bingley in 1919 and after various periods of service at Shipley, Leeds and at the Head Office in Liverpool he became Manager at Bingley in 1938, a position he held until his promotion to the managership of Keighley branch in 1949.  When at Bingley Mr. Suttle was Honorary Treasurer of the Red Cross Penny-a-Week Fund and of the Bingley Squadron of the Air Training Corps: he also served   on the local Savings Committee.  He was on the Keighley Savings Committee and was Joint Treasurer of the Keighley Central Youth Club. Mr. Suttle's tenure of the Honorary Treasurership of the Shipley Golf Club has also made him widely known in Bradford and district.

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1909 to 1932  Mr J E Bateman joined the bank here MBM-Wi54P45.jpg

1910 to 1936 Mr J S Holgate joined the bank here MBM-Wi54P47.jpg

1915 to 1928 Mr P Q K Sutcliffe joined the bank here MBM-Wi57P43.jpg

1919 Mr C S Boden MBM-Au57P56.jpg

1921 Mr A S Tillotson MBM-Wi64P54.jpg

1922 to 1927 Mr J Servant Joined the service here MBM-Sp47P28.jpg

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Mr J E Bateman

Joined the Bank Here

1909 to 1932

Mr J S Holgate

Joined the Bank Here

1910 to 1936

Mr P Q K Sutcliffe

Joined the Bank Here

1915 to 1928

Mr C S Boden

On the Staff


Mr A S Tillotson

On the Staff


Mr J Servant

Joined the Bank Here

1922 to 1927

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1926 to 1926 Mr Frank Voyce Sub Manager MBM-Sp49P18.jpg

1927 to 1933 Mr J R C Seammen joined the bank here MBM-Wi68P52.jpg

1930 to 1932 Mr George Ball Sub Manager MBM-Wi46P19.jpg

1937 to 1939 Mr JP Coman joined the bank here MBM-Wi64P08.jpg

1938 to 1939 Mr J M Thornton joined the bank here MBM-Wi67P03.jpg

1939 to 1941 Mr F S Pitts MBM-Sp64P05.jpg

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Mr Frank Voyce

Sub Manager

1926 to 1926

Mr J R C Seammen

Joined the Bank Here

1927 to 1933

Mr George Ball

Sub Manager

1930 to 1932

Mr J P Coman

Joined the Bank Here

1937 to 1939

Mr J M Thornton

Joined the Bank Here

1938 to 1939

Mr F S Pitts

On the Staff

1939 to 1941

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1939 to 1941 Mr K R Terry joined the bank here MBM-Sp65P06.jpg

1939 to 1941 Mr RE Briggs MBM-Sp67P04.jpg

1939 to 1951 Mr H Long Accountant MBM-Sp52P51.jpg

1941 to 1944 Mr DP Whiteman joined the bank here MBM-Sp64P06.jpg

1943 to 1945 Mr FM Walker joined the bank here then Deputy Manager from 1967 MBM-Wi64P05.jpg

1944 to 1954 Mr E V Fielding Pro Manager MBM-Au54P47.jpg

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Mr K R Terry

Joined the Bank Here

1939 to 1941

Mr R E Briggs

On the Staff

1939 to 1941

Mr H Long


1939 to 1951

Mr D P Whiteman

Joined the Bank Here

1941 to 1944

Mr F M Walker

Joined the Bank Here

1943 to 1945

Mr E V Fielding

Pro Manager

1944 to 1954

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1945 to 1947 Mr J W Davenport MBM-Su64P03.jpg

1945 to 1948 Mr J W Tunnicliffe MBM-Sp67P04.jpg

1947 to 1947 Mr L M Hunt joined the bank here MBM-Au66P06.jpg

1948 to 1952 Mr L W Smith Manager MBM-Su53P53.jpg

1948 to 1952 Mr R N Weightman MBM-Au64P04.jpg

1949 to 1949 Mr J R Barrett MBM-Au66P06.jpg

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Mr J W Davenport

On the Staff

1945 to 1947

Mr J W Tunnicliffe

On the Staff

1945 to 1948

Mr L M Hunt

Joined the Bank Here

1947 to 1947

Mr L W Smith


1948 to 1952

Mr R N Weightman

On the Staff

1948 to 1952

Mr J R Barrett

On the Staff

1949 to 1949

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1951 to 1967 Mr F Akroyd Deputy Manager MBM-Su67P59.jpg

1952 to 1962 Mr T R Cairncross Pro Manager Bradford overseas  MBM-Su62P57.jpg

1953 to 1961 Mr H R Suttle Manager MBM-Su53P16.jpg

1955 to 1957 Mr D R Smith joined the bank here MBM-Au66P03.jpg

1955 to 1958 Mr PM Lister Assistant Manager MBM-Wi65P03.jpg

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Mr G H Hellewell

On the Staff

1950 AND 1956

Mr F Akroyd

Deputy Manager

1951 to 1957

Mr T R Cairncross

Pro Manager

1952 to 1962

Mr H R Suttle


1953 to 1961

Mr D R Smith

Joined the Bank Here

1955 to 1957

Mr P M Lister

Assistant Manager

1955 to 1958

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1955 to 1959 Mr A Mitchell Accountant MBM-Su59P54.jpg

1956 to 1957 Mr F A Beresford joined the bank here MBM-Sp69P07.jpg

1956 to 1965 Mr DP Rotherforth Accountant from 1965 MBM-Au65P04.jpg

1958 to 1961 Mr A E Milburn Assistant Manager MBM-Su64P03.jpg

1958 to 1965 Mr T R Challis Accountant MBM-Au65P60.jpg

1961 Mr J A McGregor Manager MBM-Su61P43.jpg

Sep 1.jpg






Mr A Mitchell


1955 to 1959

Mr F A Beresford

Joined the Bank Here

1956 to 1957

Mr D P Rotherforth


1956 to 1965

Mr A E Milburn

Assistant Manager

1958 to 1961

Mr T R Challis


1958 to 1965

Mr J A McGregor


1961 onwards

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1961 to 1967 Mr B Trewhitt Assistant Manager MBM-Su67P04.jpg

1965 Miss M Bentley Accounts MBM-Su65P47.jpg

1967 Mr RES Mead Messenger  MBM-Wi67P46.jpg

1967 to 1968 Mr B G Pearse Assistant Manager MBM-Su67P04.jpg

1968 Mr G T Wadsworth pro Manager MBM-Su68P12.jpg

1968 Mr PJ Hole Assistant Manager MBM-Au68P08.jpg

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Mr Ben Trewhitt

Assistant Manager

1961 to 1967

Miss M Bentley



Mr R E S Mead



Mr B G Pearse

Assistant Manager

1967 to 1968

Mr G T Wadsworth

Pro Manager


Mr P J Hole

Assistant Manager

1968 onwards


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Index Number and District:






11-04-20 Bradford

Full Branch

PO Box 110 4 Tyrrel Street Bradford 1 Yorkshire

612 Leeds

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Bradford 23131/4

Nightsafe Installed

Mr J A McGregor Manager

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3 January 1928

15 December 1969

9 July 1982


Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-11-94 Bradford Tyrrel Street


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