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Bootle is Millom’s longest surviving sub-Branch, and despite being cut from seventeen and a half hours per week in the 1930s to only six per week by 1969, remains open until the year 2000.  What is remarkable about Bootle itself is that the distance of the railway from the village warrants Martins and the District Bank each having a second sub-Branch in the village, at Bootle Station itself.  Both are what we have previously termed “front room” Branches, being no more than that part of someone’s house.

In Service: 1840 until 7 April 2000

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1937 Bootle Cumberland Exterior Close Up BGA Ref 30-312.jpg

Bootle Branch in the 1930s

Branch Images © Barclays Ref: 0030/0312

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1969 Bootle Cumberland Exterior Close Up BGA Ref 33-85.jpgIn terms of security, this can bring problems – we have been told many stories of cashiers and their “guards” (often retired octogenarians) travelling by bus to a sub-Branch with thousands of pounds worth of cash in a bag.  Some of the smallest sub-Branches will also have their own safes, which really should be protected by an alarm system, but sometimes they are not!  Safes with a combination lock can also present big worries for staff who have little time from arrival at the branch to opening the doors to customers – getting the combination spot on is a skill that is not conducive to being in a hurry! 

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Bootle and Bootle Station are both listed as Bootle CUMBERLAND, to avoid confusion, as Martins Bank also has a further four Branches in Bootle LANCASHIRE. Our images show only subtle changes down the years at Bootle. The second image shows the branch at the time of the merger with Barclays in 1969.  The main sign is replaced and a coat of arms hanging sign fitted to the front of the building.  The opening hours plaque changes to reflect the reduced hours of the 1960s.  Otherwise, it’s pleasing to think that as late as the year 2000 you could actually transact your banking business in such a quaint setting as this!

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Index Number and District:

Hours (1930s) :


 Hours(1960s) :





Martins Bank Limited 11-05-60 Bootle (Cumberland)

Sub to 11-05-60 Millom

Main Street Bootle Cumberland

217 Northern

Mon Tue Thu Fri 1100-1430 Wed 0945-1100 

Saturday 0945-1200                                      

Tue & Fri 1200-1500

No Saturday opening

Bootle 208

No Nightsafe

Mr J P Coman Manager (Bootle)

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Bolton 25 Bradshawgate


27 June 1893

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

7 April 2000

Opened by Messrs Wakefield Crewdson’s Kendal Bank

Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-57-41 Millom

Closed permanently from 12 Noon

Bootle Station (Cumberland)

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