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Image © Martins Bank Archive Collection

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1960 Bedlington Station exterior BGA Ref 30-146.jpg

Image © Barclays Ref 0030-0146


A sub-Branch at Bedlington Station is opened on 17 November 1919 by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins. There is already another branch in Bedlington which has been open since 1875 when it was owned by the North Eastern Banking Company, and will act as parent to the new sub-branch.  At some point during the ownership of Martins Bank, the Bedlington station Branch is moved from Station road to No 4 Palace Road. Our image from the Barclays Collection shows the PALACE ROAD office. Not only does Bedlington Station survive the merger with Barclays, it continues in service until 1988. 

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In the 1960s it is open six days a week, bringing convenient banking services to local people and traders.  This image of the Branch was taken sometime around 1960, although the hand-painted signage on the window and above the door does appear to be from an even earlier time.  The radio shop next door offers a somewhat brief glimpse of the “white heat” of 1960s technology, at this point the days of the glass valve are numbered, and the transistor has already revolutionised the future of the portable radio. Very soon this new technology will turn the world of Banking on its head too, by making possible the means to move from paper records to full solid state computer systems capable of looking after the affairs of thousands of customers.

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It is good to see that this little building has survived into the twenty-first century, albeit as “Big Mama’s” as seen in the contemporary photograph from our friends at Google® Maps with Street View…

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1960 Bedlington Station exterior BGA Ref 30-146.jpg

Image © Barclays

Image taken May 2018 © Google®

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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-50-00 Bedlington Station

Sub to 11-50-00 Bedlington

4 Palace Road Bedlington Northumberland

306 North Eastern

Mon and Tue 1015-1200

Wed to Sat 0945-1100

Bedlington 3039

No Nightsafe

Mr M A Charlton Manager

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17 November 1919


3 January 1928

15 December 1969

8 April 1988


Opened by Bank of Liverpool and Martins at 9 Station Rd

moved to 4 Palace Road

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-05-81 Bedlington


Take Away Food Outlet

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