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According to the Martins Bank records held by Barclays, Martins Bank opened a Branch in Blackpool at 127 Lytham Road in 1928.  Less than a year later, the former Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank Branch at Lytham Street, is closed.

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When Barclays and Martins merge at the end of 1969, Lytham Road loses its Full Branch Status, becoming a Sub to Barclays South Shore.  As we can see from the branch image, this is not quite a drive-in Branch, but it still is a very convenient place to stop and bank.

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Later on this page however, we learn that a branch car park can also be an enticement to rob the bank!  Every building has its good side but it looks as though this Martins Bank Branch could do with some new stick on letters! 

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1969 Blackpool 127 Lytham Road Exterior 2 BGA Ref 30-290 

Image © Barclays Ref 0030/0290

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Nowadays those lovely ground floor windows have been covered over, in keeping with the building’s twenty-first century use as a betting shop…

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A sign of past glories…

2014 Lytham Road Coat of Arms still over shop - GMSV MBAIt is not possible to see clearly from either of the remaining 1960s branch images, the elaborate Martins Bank Coat of Arms inlaid into plasterwork and supported by metal stays above the door.  Whilst the irony of many former Bank buildings seems to be that they are now betting shops – and 127 Lytham Road is no exception – it is nice to know that the plasterwork Coat of Arms remains; a kind of defiant indicator of the past glories of this particular building…

1969 Blackpool 127 Lytham Road Exterior 1 BGA Ref 30-290

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An award for bravery…

Those of us who have worked in the cash-filled surroundings of branch banking always dread the thought of an armed raid.  One of the thankfully small number of tales of bravery by staff and/or customers, printed in Martins Bank Magazine over the years, concerns the actions of Miss Mary Place, a member of staff at 127 Lytham Road Branch in 1966…

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1966 Mary Place receives award after robbery attempt at branch MBM-Su66P38.jpg1966 02.jpgWhen two armed men entered Lytham Road branch on 15 February and demanded money Miss Mary Place attempted to close her till but was threatened by one of them who fired a shot over her head. The men were arrested the following day and have since been sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court, but when they appeared before Blackpool Magi­strates the Chairman warmly commended Miss Place.  In March Miss Place came to Liverpool to be presented with an inscribed gold watch of her own choice by the Chairman of the Bank.  Hearing the news on his car radio when driving home to Westmorland on the day of the robbery he had made a detour in order to pay an unexpected and much appreciated call on the staff at Lytham Road.

1936 to 1945 Mr W L A Wilkinson Manager MBM-Su55P54.jpg

1945 to 1958 Mr A Beardwell Manager MBM-Wi57P50.jpg

1958 to 1966 Mr F Barton Manager MBM-Au66P54.jpg

1958 Mr M P M Brown MBM-Au69P12.jpg

1963 to 1965 Mr A M Ellis MBM-Sp65P08.jpg

1965 to 1968 Mr S Heaton MBM-Au68P14.jpg

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Mr W L A Wilkinson


1936 to 1945

Mr A Beardwell


1945 to 1958

Mr F Barton


1958 to 1966

Mr M P M Brown

On the Staff

Summer 1958

Mr A M Ellis

On the staff

1963 to 1965

Mr S Heaton

On the Staff

1965 to 1968






1966 Mary Place  MBM-Su66P38.jpg

1966 Mr KE Stansfield Manager MBM-AU66P05.jpg

BW Logo

BW Logo

BW Logo

BW Logo

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Miss Mary Place

On the staff


Mr K E Stansfield


1966 onwards





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338 Lytham Road

511 Lytham Road

1946 District Bank Logo from Cheque - MBAx1


497 Lytham Road

Sep 1.jpg







127 Lytham Road



Lytham Road


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332 Lytham Road



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index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-78-51 Blackpool Lytham Road

Full Branch

127 Lytham Road South Shore Blackpool Lancashire

757 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Blackpool 46614

Nightsafe Installed

Mr K E Stansfield Manager

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12 December 1969

30 April 1971


Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Downgraded to Sub Branch to Barclays Blackpool South Shore


Betting Shop

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