Drive in, do some banking, drive out again. – Surely it’s as simple as that?  Well, this is 1959, and the customer, who is also a motorist and therefore a man, might be confused by the whole idea of Drive-in Banking.  Then there’s the list of things to remember – bring a cheque book, have a cheque made out ready to cash.  Bring a paying in book, have a slip made out ready to pay in.  Phone the Bank in advance if you want a large amount of cash… Oh dear, perhaps it IS confusing.  Luckily, our Drive-In leaflet explains it all!

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The Drive In Window is Situated on the right hand side of the covered way through the Bank from Charles Street to Free Lane. Motoring customers who wish to cash a cheque or pay money in can do so without leaving their cars.  In this way the customer's time will be saved and parking and traffic congestion eased.


It is advisable to enter the Drive-in way in low gear and the car should be stopped when the driver is approximately in line with the centre of the window.


On entering the Drive-in, the car will break an invisible ray operated by a photo-electric cell which will give warning to the cashier of an approaching car.  Below the window is a rectangular drawer under which is a small bar marked teller call.  If the cashier is not in attendance, pressure on this bar will operate a buzzer which will bring the cashier to the window.  Then by speaking towards the window, the customer can state his requirements by means of a two-way loud speaker communication system. Cheques and paying in slips should be made out in advance.


1959 Drive-in Bank Leaflet Map MBAA Drawer will automatically come forward within easy reach of the driver so that he can insert the cheque or paying-in slip.  The cashier will then retract the drawer and return it to the driver after depositing in it cash for the cheque, or the paying-in book or counterfoil.  The customer, his business completed, can then drive out, turning right into Free Lane and returning to Charles Street via Lower Free Lane.


Customers using the Drive-in window are asked, in the interests of others who may be waiting behind, to assist by making transactions as brief as possible.  If notice of large withdrawals is given in advance to the Branch, provision will be made beforehand to meet the customer's requirements speedily. Full bank-facilities are available, of course, inside the Bank where the cashiers can readily deal with more complicated transactions or enquiriess

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