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Martins Bank 1928+

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Martins Bank�s Branch at 32 Lowndes Street opens in 1930 and enjoys just ten years in service before being destroyed by enemy action in 1940. Temporary premises are found nearby at No 48 Sloane Street, which doubles as (and is actually KNOWN as) Lowndes Street Branch for many years.

In Service: 16 June 1930 until destroyed by enemy action in September 1940

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Extracts from Martins Bank Lmited Annual Report and Accounts 1930 � Barclays

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Extract from Martins Bank Lmited Annual Report and Accounts 1939 � Barclays

You can read more about this on our 48 SLOANE STREET page.We are sorry that no images can currently be found of the original branch at 32 Lowndes Street, but thanks to Martins colleague Geoff Taylor, you can at least see its incarnation at 48 Sloane Street, which later becomes an office in its own right, before downgrading to a sub branch to 153 Sloane Street.Someone who served at all three of these branches is Manager Mr K R Wright, whose story is told below in his retirement write-up in Martins Bank Magazine�

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From 32 Lowndes Street to 48 Sloane Street �

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1930 to 1931 Mr K R Wright Manager MBM-Sp59P53.jpgAt the end of 1958 Mr K R Wright retires after over forty-six years� service, for 28� of which he has been Manager at Sloane Street.To mark the occasion he gives a cocktail party at 153 Sloane Street on December 30 which is attended by around one hundred of his past and present colleagues.Some of them have travelled from as frar away as Cheshire and Yorkshire to say goodbye to Mr Wright.Having joined the service in 1912 at Lombard Street, he serves his country in World War I with the Northumberland Hussars and Middlesex Yeomanry, sustaining injury in France in 1918.Returning to the bank after the war, his association with London SW1 begins in 1930 when he is appointed as the first Manager of 32 Lowndes Street.Following the destruction of the building by a bomb in 1940, and the businessbeing conducted for a time in temporary premises, Mr Wright became the Manager of Sloane Street � first at No 48, and from 1948 at No 153.

Image � Martins Bank Archive Collections - G R Taylor

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1930 to 1940 Mr K R Wright Manager MBM-Sp59P53.jpg

1933 to 1937 Mr F A Stafford MBM-Wi59P53.jpg

1937 to 1938 Mr D L Francis MBM-Su65P05.jpg

Mr K R Wright


1930 to 1940

Mr F A Stafford

On the Staff

1933 to 1937

Mr D L Francis

On the Staff

1937 to 1938




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Index Number and District:






11-08 London Lowndes Street SW1

Full Branch

32 Lowndes Street London SW1

--- London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

SLOane 6206

Nightsafe Installed

Mr K R Wright Manager


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London 68 Lombard Street

16 June 1930



Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Destroyed by Enemy Action

Business is moved to 48 Sloane Street

London Ludgate Circus