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Those of us who have had the pleasure of and good fortune to have worked at Grange over Sands branch have often wondered – and sometimes asked – “is it a church?” No, it definitely is NOT a church.  “But are you sure?”  Yes, I am sure, - and it is a BANK…  So it’s a bank then, and in addition to good looks, it enjoys a position in what is still a largely unspoilt corner of old Lancashire – although these days of course, it is part of Cumbria.  Sadly Grange closes on 1 May 2019, but in happier times – 1960 -  we celebrate the retirement of someone who spent twenty five years in this building as Manager.  Martins Bank Magazine takes us to the Hazelmere Café (which is still there today by the way) and a send off for Mr Addison that sees him spoken of warmly by staff and customers alike…

In Service: 1876 until 1 May 2019

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1935 to 1960 Mr J D Addison Manager MBM-Su60P54.jpg1960 02 MBM.jpgOn April 28th Mr. J. D. Addison, Manager at Grange over Sands since 1935, entertained his colleagues to a cocktail evening at the Hazlemere Cafe to mark the occasion of his retirement after 43 years' service. In addition to the staff of the branch, also present were Mr. Ian Buchanan, Liverpool Assistant District Manager, and the Managers of the Barrow, Bowness, Carnforth, Dalton, Kendal, Lancaster and Ulverston branches. The Managers of the local branches of the Midland Bank and the District Bank also attended.  A present of sundry items of golf equipment was made on behalf of the subscribers by Mr. J. H. Neild, the new Manager and Mr. Addison's former assistant. He referred to Mr. Addison's excellent record of health, un­broken throughout his 25 years at the branch apart from absence due to a car accident a year ago.

Mr. Buchanan, in conveying the good wishes of his colleagues at Head Office, paid tribute to Mr. Addison's service to the Bank, and Mr. Pirie mentioned the help he had given to various local organisations. Mr. Knowles also spoke and an unusual feature of the function was a short speech by a customer, Mr. A. W. Evans, Proprietor of the Hazlemere Cafe, who spoke warmly of the good treatment he had always received. Mr. Addison entered the Bank in 1917 and, apart from war service, 1918-1920, served at Appleby, Ambleside and in H.O. Inspection Department before his first appointment as Pro Manager at Ambleside in 1932. He intends to commence his retirement with a long sea cruise after which he will settle in Grange where it is traditional for Martins' men to live well into their eighties.

Image © Barclays Ref: 0033-0237

So often, our “then and now” features are tinged with the sadness of empty forgotten bank buildings, or the “delights” of either a new pub or a betting or charity shop. Thankfully for Grange-over-Sands branch, the story ends in a much better way…

At a time when so many former bank branch buildings are standing empty and neglected, it is wonderful to see that Martins Bank’s Branch at Grange over Sands has one new and extremely happy owner, David Phelan.  David contacted us having successfully bid for this fabulous old building, which he was keen both to sympathetically restore and to re-purpose as living space.  The original business at Grange was transacted in 1876 by the Kendal Bank, who often used agents to act on their behalf to run a banking service in return for a commission of some kind. Such arrangements were not without risk, and the bank had to choose an Agent-Manager very carefully in order to prevent losses from the more “unscrupulous types” making off with the money. This was indeed a real threat - in 1929, a little further down the Furness Peninsula at Dalton in Furness, the Manager William Griffin was dismissed on FIFTY counts of forgery. Business having grown nicely at Grange, the Bank of Liverpool – which absorbed the Kendal Bank in 1893 decided that permanent premises would be taken at Grange over Sands, and banking continued there until May 2019. We would like to wish David Phelan every success with this enviable project, and look forward to updates as work nears completion.

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Mr J D Addison


1935 to 1960

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Goring by Sea


27 June 1893

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Opened by Messrs Wakefield Crewdson – The Kendal Bank

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