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Bank of Liverpool

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The Bank of Liverpool opens this fine Branch in December 1886, and service is maintained for more than one hundred years before Barclays finally shuts the door on this part of Wavertree in 1991.   This images dates from around the 1940s, and we love the convenience of there being a gents hairdresser next door to the Branch.  Someone who may, or may not have taken advantage of such nearby hair care is Wavertree Manager Mr Mathias (pictured below), who retires from the Bank at the end of 1964 after forty-four years’ service.  Starting and ending his career in the North West, Mr Mathias  has also worked at some of the Bank’s most southern and western outposts in his time, as this article from Martins Bank Magazine’s Spring 1965 issue explains…

In Service: december 1886 until 8 November 1991

Branch Images © Barclays Ref 0030/1691

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1967 04 MBM.jpg1952 to 1965 Mr F H Mathias Manager MBM-Sp65P54.jpg'quiet, unassuming and friendly'. So Mr I. Buchanan described Mr Mathias, Manager of Wavertree branch, Liverpool, at a presentation ceremony at the branch on December 29th. The assembly of past and present colleagues who had earlier been welcomed by Mr D. B. Scott, second-in-command, also heard the District General Manager speak of Mr Mathias's career. A native of Formby he entered the Bank in 1921 at Waterloo and served at several branches in the area before moving to Taunton in 1938.  Four years' war service were followed by a further spell at Taunton and then in 1948 Mr Mathias moved onto a bombsite —the temporary home of Plymouth branch where he was appointed Manager. In 1952 he returned north to the managership of Wavertree branch. Of Mr Mathias's sporting prowess Mr Buchanan mentioned his transition from footballer to tennis player to golfer—and a very successful golfer.

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He was captain of the Liverpool District of the Bank's Golfing Society in 1963. Before presenting the cheque which is to be used to buy a wheelbarrow and garden tools Mr Buchanan referred to Mr Mathias's unique distinction: not only is he treasurer of one church but he is trustee of three others. Mr Mathias responded with sincere thanks for his colleagues' generosity and said he was glad of the opportunity to thank everyone, including the General Management with whom he had recently lunched, for their good wishes. His career had been a happy one and he was grateful for the help and loyalty given by his staff. Before the company resumed their enjoyment of the excellent refreshments, Miss Edwards handed a bouquet to Mrs Mathias who was accompanied by her daughter and by their son and his wife, both of whom are on the Bank's staff. In retirement Mr and Mrs Mathias may move house to Taunton but not before Mr Mathias is sure that his keen support of Tranmere Rovers has helped to ensure the team's promotion to Division Three.

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Once again we can take a look at a Branch that made the change to Barclays, but from just a few years on from the 1969 merger. Here, Wavertree looks pretty much intact apart from the new signage and Barclays decal fitted to the archway above the door.

Branch Images © Barclays Ref 0030-1691

1914 to 1919 Mr H S Hayes MBM-Au48P18.jpg

1915 to 1916 Mr A D Gollifer Joined the service here MBM-Su58P25.jpg

1923 to 1923 Alec R Ellis MBM-Sp48P30.jpg

1929 to 1935 Mr T A Grimes Manager MBM-Au47P18.jpg

1931 to 1934 Mr A Tunnington MBM-Su47P18.jpg






Mr H Dickman

Joined the Bank Here

1905 to 1906

Mr H S Hayes

On the Staff

1914 to 1919

Mr A D Gollifer

Joined the Bank Here

1915 to 1916

Mr Alec R Ellis

On the Staff

1923 to 1923

Mr T A Grimes


1929 to 1935

Mr A Tunnington

On the Staff

1931 to 1934

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1935 to 1950 Mr R M Shaw Manager CU MBM-Sp50P11.jpg

1937 to 1942 Mr H F R Boothman branch second MBM-Su60P47.jpg

1946 to 1946 Mr F A Robinson MBM-Su64P05.jpg

1946 to 1950 Mr D W Hall MBM-Wi67P01.jpg

1952 to 1965 Mr F H Mathias Manager MBM-Sp65P54.jpg






Mr R M Shaw


1935 to 1950

Mr H F R Boothman

Branch Second

1937 to 1942

Mr F A Robinson

On the Staff

1946 to 1946

Mr D W Hall

On the Staff

1946 to 1950

Mr H F Mathias


1952 to 1965

Mr D G Telfer

On the Staff

1960 to 1962

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1961 to 1963 Mr G A Corkill MBM-Sp68P07.jpg






Mr G A Corkill

On the Staff

1961 to 1963

Mr A E Male


1965 onwards






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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Lmited 11-10-90 Liverpool Wavertree

Full Branch

16 High Street Wavertree Liverpool 15

46 Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

051 733 5101

Nightsafe Installed

Mr A E Male Manager

Liverpool Walton

December 1886

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

8 November 1991

Opened by the Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-51-03 Liverpool Wavertree


Liverpool West Derby

23 Mill Lane