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The Adelphi Bank opens a branch at 323 Chester Road in 1891 and eight years later merges with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. The Adelphi Bank opened several Manchester Branches, all of which will find their way into the portfolio of Martins Bank. In 1957 Martins Bank closes the Branch and moves over the road to Nos 248-250 Chester Road, seen here in the 1960s. This is likely to have been due to the old building having little or no room for expansion. 

A large network of Manchester Branches comes Martins’ way through the mergers and amalgamations that lead to the creation of the modern-day Martins Bank in 1928.  By 1967 plans are well underway to build the Mancunian Way, an arterial road that will cut through the city from one side to the other. 

In its wake there are many casualties, some of them Martins Bank’s Branches, several of which are served with compulsary purchase orders.  Mostly in run down areas, all have seen better days.  Martins Bank Magazine decides to visit them on a “whistlestop tour” in the Summer of 1967.  Just over three years later, Cornbrook will be closed…

In Service: 1957 until 16 October 1970

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Image © Barclays Ref: 0030-0715

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We called at Cornbrook branch where in a bright if cramped little office opposite the Hope Inn, banking life goes cheerfully on.  The first floor is fully utilised for storage and includes the staff/machine room, but on the top floor a truly original relic in the shape of a gigantic iron bath provides the secret for eventual demolition. By taking a few bricks out of the back of the building at ground level the weight of that bath to be enough to flatten the property.

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Image © Barclays Ref: 0030-0715

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Here we were reminded of the Duke of Edinburgh’s words when he was installed ten days earlier as the first chancellor of Salford University: “No one can deny the right of Northerners to make fun of themselves, but there is no need to take that fun seriously. 

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Image © BT 1956

Image © BT 1964

For all their idiosyncrasies there is a strength of character, a sense of purpose and an enterprise that runs through the whole long history of this part of England”.  If one adds warmth and friendliness, that provides the ideal summing up for our branch staff.





248/250 Chester Road



236 Chester Road

1947 to 1965 Mr H J Mottram Clerk in Charge MBM-Sp65P53

1965 to 1968 Mr D C Whiteley Clerk in Charge MBM-Sp65P04

1967 Mr J R Taylor MBM-Au67P22

1967 Mr S H Pennell MBM-Au67P22






Mr H J Mottram

Clerk in Charge

1947 to 1965

Mr F Sharples

On the Staff

1955 to 1962

Mr D C Whiteley

Clerk in Charge

1965 to 1968

Miss M F Ashton

On the Staff


Mr J R Taylor

On the Staff


Mr S H Pennell

On the Staff


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1967 Miss J G Williams MBM-Au67P22

1968 to 1969 Mr G V M Earles Clerk in Charge then manager from 1969 MBM-Au68P06

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Miss J G Williams

On the Staff


Mr G V M Earles

Clerk in Charge 1968

Manager 1969 to 16//10/1970









Index Number and District:






11-12-30 Manchester Cornbrook

Full branch from 01/01/1969

Previously Self Accounting Sub to 11-00-60 Manchester City Office

248/250 Chester Road Manchester 15

724 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

061 834 0029

Night Safe

Mr G M V Earles Manager


Manchester Cornbrook

323 Chester Road


15 December 1969

16 October 1970

Opened by Martins Bank Limited – moved from 323 Chester Road

Barclays Bank Limited 20-54-60 Manchester Cornbrook


Manchester Corn Exchange

(Destroyed 1941)