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Martin's Private Bank

This beautiful drawing by S Crawford, is printed in the French magazine �L�Architecte� in 1914. It shows the newly completed fa�ade of Martin�s Private Bank in Bromley, designed by Architect Ernest Newton. The image underneath the drawing, shown here with the kind permission of London Metropolitan Archives, shows the same Branch in 1968 following a further revamp of the entrance doors and windows. The joining together of the Grasshopper and the Liver Bird brings with it not only large and useful premises at 68 Lombard Street, and the chance to REBUILD THEM, but also many of the branches in London and the South East thatare still open today.�� Martins Bank�s policy on expansion is tempered by its commitment to consolidation, and from the 1930s onwards it is common to see the addition of branches in parts of the country that already have a good scattering of outlets.This helps to plug some gaps, and to ensure that the Bank is seen on as many high streets as possible, at a time when the local bank is more or less the only way to access cash from your account.


In earlier times, Martin�s Private Bank is able to blaze a trail through many of England�s South-Eastern towns, and thus by being ahead of the competition, generate a bigger and stronger business through familiarity. Bromley is one of ten or so Kentish branches, a figure that rises to nearly thirty during the life of the modern-day Martins Bank. Martins Private Bank arrives to set up shop in Bromley in 1887.

In Service: 1 January 1888 until 12 December 1969

Image � Martins Bank Archive Collections

Image � London Metropolitan Archives Ref 150516 used under licence

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The original branch of the Bank was at 106 Widmore road, a lease was taken on 13 December 1887 between the Misses Woods and Others, and Martin and Company. The branch remained at these premises until 1899.  An agreement on the 22 December 1896 details the sale of a piece of land in Bromley from the Reids Brewery Co. Limited.  Work shortly followed on the design of new branch premises.  Barclays Group Archives has a receipt dated the 1st April 1898 in the sum of �50 for architects fees for the new premises in the High Street. An insurance certificate dated 5 April 1899 gives a date of occupation of the new premises. In August 1967 temporary premises � comprising ground floor, basement AND lavatory(!) - are taken at 31 Widmore Road Bromley, and the office at 179 High Street is gutted and re-designed/built. A sub-Branch is opened by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins Bank at Bickley from 1923 to 1928. From the surviving images of the interior of Bromley Branch following the 1968 re-fit, we can see that bandit screens are now being fitted as standard. This is the sad consequence of armed bank raids whichhave increased in number into the 1960s. Protecting the staff of the bank is paramount, yet thins must come at the expense of face to face customer contact�

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1960 s Bromley Interior 3 BGA Ref 33-111

1960 s Bromley Interior 1 BGA Ref 33-111.jpg

Images � Barclays Ref 0033-0111

For our Bromley Branch features, we look at the retirements of two members of the staff reported as usual by Martins Bank Magazine. The second one takes place in 1969, and we find that although a farewell party is held for him, it is the wish of Manager Mr Howard that no-one should make a speech or offer a retirement gift paid for by colleagues. Note the interesting choice of words by Martins Bank Magazine, citing Mr Howard�s �individualism� as the reason.

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First of all we say goodbye to Mr K J Munro who retires from his role of Pro Manager ten years earlier, in 1959. At thirty-nine years, his length of service is actually considered quite short � many Martins Bank Managers have retired after an amazing forty-six years! That�s an awful lot of nine-to-five to get through in your lifetime, and many go on to enjoy two or more decades of retirement, drawing of course from that all important final salary scheme Bank pension�



1959 04 MBM.jpg1959 Mr K J Munro Pro Manager MBM-Wi59P47A large gathering of friends assembled at Bromley branch to mark the occasion of Mr. Munro�s retirement on 31 August. Among some fifty guests invited by Mr. Munro to an excellent cocktail party at the branch it was delightful to see in sparkling health one of our oldest pensioners, Mr. H. Q. Atkinson, now in his eighty-third year. It was also nice to welcome Mr. F. Gillham, Assistant Staff Manager (London District); Mr. W. H. Kinghorn, previous manager at the branch, and eight branch managers from the Kent and London branches. Mr. Munro entered the Bank at Sidcup in 1920 and served at Sidcup, Orpington, Bromley and Maidstone before his first appointment as Clerk in Charge at Maidstone in 1930.

He became Pro Manager at Swanley in 1932 and Pro Manager at Bromley in 1938. He served in London District Office in 1941. Mr. J. A. Howard (Manager, Bromley), made the presentation on behalf of the subscribers of a television set, a case of wines (not to be broached until arrival at the new cellar) and a cheque. Mrs. Munro was presented with a bouquet of roses. Mr. Munro is retiring to a small village, Slindon, in the heart of Sussex where we wish him every happiness.

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Time flies and Mr Munro�s successor, Mr Howard, is now also ready to retire after his stint as Manager of Bromley Branch�

40 years� service

��� ���������and still an��

������ ������������individualist�

As ever, John Howard remained an individualist by specifically forbidding any presentation or speech making at his farewell party on 25 June.Those present, over 100 colleagues and friends, signed a commemor�ative book to form a memento of the occasion and a few days later an inscribed silver cigarette box was presented to him from staff who had worked with him at Bromley.

A native of Cheshire, Mr Howard had been in the 1958 to 1969 Mr J A Howard Manager MBM-Au69P56.jpgLondon District since his return from war service. He was appointed Manager at Holloway Road in 1954 and at Bromley in 1958, from where he retired after nearly 40 years� service. A keen yachtsman and follower of rugby football and cricket, he intends to continue these interests in his retirement.

Image � London Metropolitan Archives Ref 150516 used under licence

1907 Mr J R Branscombe joined the bank here MBM-Wi51P37.jpg

1910 to 1914 Mr D C McClure joined the bank here MBM-Sp56P51.jpg

1919 Mr G A Jeffery joined the bank here MBM-Sp60P48.jpg

1919 to 1921 Mr S E Lawrence MBM-Su57P47.jpg

1921 Mr A L Kirk joined the bank here MBM-Au65P58.jpg

1934 to 1939 Mr R B Thompson Manager MBM-Au54P48.jpg






Mr J R Branscombe

Joined the Bank Here


Mr D C McClure

Joined the Bank Here

1910 to 1914

Mr G A Jeffrey

Joined the Bank Here


Mr S E Lawrence

On the Staff

1919 to 1921

Mr L A Kirk

Joined the Bank Here


Mr R B Thompson


1934 to 1939






1937 to 1939 Mr C H Parker MBM-Au65P57.jpg

1939 to 1951 Mr W H Kinghorn Manager MBM-Wi51P37.jpg

1958 to 1969 Mr J A Howard Manager MBM-Au69P56.jpg

1959 Mr K J Munro Pro Manager MBM-Wi59P47.jpg

1959 to 1966 Mr TW Punchard Ltd auth then  pro Manager MBM-Sp66P03.jpg






Mr C H Parker

On the Staff

1937 to 1939

Mr W H Kinghorn


1939 to 1951

Mr J A Howard


1958 to 1969

Mr K J Munro

Pro Manager


Mr T W Punchard

Ltd Auth 1959-66

Pro Manager 1966








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Index Number and District:






11-14-20 Bromley

Full Branch

179-183 High Street Bromley Kent

403 London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

01 469 8411/2

Nightsafe Installed

Mr J A Howard MC TD Manager


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1 January 1888

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

12 December 1969

Martin�s Private Bank

Bank of Liverpool and Martins Limited

Martins Bank Limited

Closed and Business transferred to Barclays 167 High Street



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