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Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

This is not the original Moston Branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, opened in 1911, but it stands on the same site. You can see the original and learn about how it came to rebuilt in the article below from Martins Bank Magazine. More than one hundred and five years on, Moston is still serving customers, nowadays of course as a Branch of Barclays. Under Martins Bank, Moston is a full Branch, open across the full six day banking week. At the time of the merger with Barclays, the Bank union and staff associations have rid themselves of Saturday working, and until cash machines can be installed, there is “late night opening” for an hour or so each week…

In Service: 1911 until Friday 26 October 2018

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections

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In the article below from Martins Bank Magazine’s Summer 1958 issue, the photograph shows where the original branch was located –the two cottages to the left of the image.  Later, you can read about the retirement of Moston Manager Mr Coope, who retires from the Bank in 1966 after a forty-four year career…

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MOSTON’S VILLAGE BANK – “Ben Brierley Branch”…

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1958 02 MBM.jpgThe photograph which accompanies these notes was kindly lent to us by a customer of our Moston branch. It shows the original branch at Moston, at a date estimated to be around 1870. At the time that the present building was being erected on the same site in 1937, the Manchester City News published a paragraph from which the following is extracted: “Moston's Village Bank, which for 26 years has been accommodated in a converted bedroom and kitchen in the 200-years-old Simpson Cottages at Moston Lane, is to be demolished to make way for a new building to meet the needs of the growing district. The branch was opened in 1911 when officials took over two of the cottages formerly owned by the famous Simpson weavers and converted the rooms as best they could. A third cottage of the group was taken over by a brew­ery so that the old narrow white-fronted Museum Inn could be rebuilt." The branch was located in the two cottages on the left of the photograph. In addition to the Museum Inn there is another famous house across the road named after a more famous Lancastrian, Ben Brierley, and this name has attached itself to our Moston branch at which numerous Traders Credits and salary credits are received through London addressed to “Ben Brierley Branch”…

1966 03 MBM.jpg1958 to 1966 Mr C Coope Manager MBM-Au66P51.jpgThe end of May brought the retirement of Mr C Coope, Manager of Moston Branch, after 44 years’ service spent mostly in the environs of Manchester and its suburbs.  Before his appointment to Moston in 1958, Mr Coope had been Clerk in Charge at Besses o’th’Barn Branch for ten years.  At a local hostelry, about thirty colleagues including Mr F Tunstall (Manchester District Superintendent of Branches) met to wich Mr Coope a long and happy retirement.  Mr W Warburton, his successor at Moston, said that although he had known Mr Coope for only a short time, he thought that customers must feel they were losing notg only their bank manager, but a true and sincere friend.  On behalf of subscribers, a cheque was presented which Mr Coope intimated would possibly be used to buy a motor mower to ease his gardening chores…

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1948 to 1953 Mr F N Openshaw Manager MBM-Su46P16.jpg

1953 to 1958 Mr H Lister Manager MBM-Au68P54.jpg

1958 to 1966 Mr C Coope Manager MBM-Au66P51.jpg

1966 Mr W Warburton Manager MBM-Au66P02.jpg

1966 to 1968 Mr ND Crompton MBM-Au68P14.jpg

Mr F N Openshaw


1948 to 1953

Mr H Lister


1953 to 1958

Mr C Coope


1958 to 1966

Mr W Warburton


1966 onwards

Mr N D Crompton

On the Staff

1966 to 1968


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338 Hollinwood Avenue New Moston


369 Moston Lane




Index No and District:






11-19-60 Manchester Moston

Full Branch

369 Moston Lane Manchester 10

762 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

COLlyhurst 2689

Nightsafe Installed

Mr W Warburton Manager

Manchester Moss Side




15 December 1969

Friday 26 October 2018

Opened by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited


Barclays Bank Limited 20-54-94 Manchester Moston

Closed permanently at 12 noon

Manchester Old Trafford