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The North Eastern Banking Company opens its branch at Amble in 1873, and more than one hundred and forty years later, Barclays closed the doors for last time in November 2017. Inbetween-times, Amble is another of the “A’s and B’s in Northumberland” – a collection of branches in the county that are visited by Martins Bank Magazine in the Autumn of 1965. Once again, there is only an image of the staff, and a very “short and sweet” piece of writing is the only evidence that a visit to Amble Branch has been made at all! Amble has a modest number of staff, and yet still has to run FOUR sub Branches: Acklington RAF Station, Acklington Auction Mart,  Red Row, and Warkworth. 

In Service: 9 April 1873 until Friday 3 November 2017

1930 Amble Exterior from print by J Waters CU1 - D Kennedy MBA.jpg

Image: © 1930 Dr J Waters

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As the merger with Barclays approaches many of Martins Bank’s tiniest and oldest sub branches will face closure…

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1965 03 MBM.jpgThere is a lot of space around everything in Northumberland, and this was noticeable as we gradually followed the coast road northwards to the ancient port of Amble.  Though not quite out of the coalfields, the air of a seaside country town pervades Amble, where farming features in a business which can boast a bit of everything. There is a bronze age burial ground on Amble’s Golf Course, a Roman settlement at Gloster Hill, and the Norman Ruins of nearby Warkworth castle: from here onwards we were to become increasingly conscious of castles…

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Bill Stickers lives!

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We are indebted to David Kennedy, who got in touch to tell us about his Grandfather, also David Kennedy, who was manager at Amble from 1913 to 1938.  He has found for us this lovely image from 1930, which shows the branch, complete with “Bill Stickers” and some local workmen who also have a ladder The image is believed to have been taken by the local GP, and is from a photo print. David told us:

“I'm attaching a scan of a photo print of Martins Bank in Amble, thought to date from about 1930. The husband of my father's older sister reproduced it 1986, apparently from a print by a Dr Waters. I'm not sure who he was, but think he may have been the family's GP in Warkworth. According to my aunt the bill sticker on the small ladder was a Mr. Coulson; the men on the big ladder Jack Young and? George Beattie, presumably local workmen.  You may be interested to know that my grandfather, David Kennedy, was manager of Amble branch from, I think 1913 until he retired in, I think, 1938. He lived "over the shop" with my grandmother, and my father and his five siblings were all born there as far as I know.

I also remember my father saying that in an idle moment or two with his penknife he bored a hole through one of the stone windowsills of the flat they lived in above the bank. I wonder if it is still there…  After retirement, my Grandfather moved to nearby Warkworth where he had had a house built.



1930 Amble Exterior from print by J Waters - D Kennedy MBA

Image © 1930


Image © Barclays Ref 0030-0041

1906 to 1933 Mr R C Gair MBM-Wi51P36.jpg

1907 Mr J Tarbit joined the bank here MBM-Au52P51.jpg

1919 to 1925 Mr D W Moscrop MBM-Sp59P54.jpg

1919 to 1925 Mr D W Moscrop MBM-Sp59P54.jpg

1923 Mr J Swanson joined the bank here MBM-Su63P53.jpg

1925 to 1930 Mr Raymond Davidson joined the bank here MBM-Sp52P04.jpg

Mr R C Gair

On the Staff

1906 to 1933

Mr J Tarbit

Joined the Bank Here


Mr David Kennedy


1913 to 1938

Mr D W Moscrop

On the Staff

1919 to 1925

Mr J Swanson

Joined the Bank Here


Mr Raymond Davidson

Joined the Bank Here

1925 to 1930

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1932 to 1936 Mr R D Dawson joined the bank here MBM-Sp65P04.jpg

1936 to 1938 Mr RW Mackenzie joined the bank here MBM-Sp64P07.jpg

1938 to 1947 Mr R M Goldie Manager MBM-Su47P26.jpg

1947 to 1963 Mr D R Blades Manager MBM-Su63P59.jpg

1963 onwards Mr J S Surtees Manager MBM-Au65P13.jpg

1965 Miss N E Turnbull MBM-Au65P13.jpg

Mr R D Dawson

Joined the Bank Here

1932 to 1936

Mr R W Mackenzie

On the Staff

1936 to 1938

Mr R M Goldie


1938 to 1947

Mr D R Blades


1947 to 1963

Mr J D Surtees


1963 onwards

Miss N E Turnbull

On the Staff


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1965 Mr J B Hume MBM-Au65P13.jpg

1965 Miss S K Curry MBM-Au65P13.jpg

1965 Mr N Main MBM-Au65P13.jpg

1965 Mr R Lancaster MBM-Au65P13.jpg

Mr J B Hume

On the Staff


Miss S K Curry

On the Staff


Mr N Main

On the Staff


Miss P M Emmerson

On the Staff


Mr R Lancaster

On the Staff





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Index No and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-20-00 Amble

Full Branch

13 Queen Street Amble Northumberland

302 North Eastern

Mon to Fri 10am to 3pm

Saturday 9am to 11.30am

Amble 313

Nightsafe Installed

Mr J D Surtees Manager


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9 April 1873

7 August 1914

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

Friday 03 November 2017

Opened by the North Eastern Banking Company

Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-02-01 Amble

Closed permanently from 12 noon




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