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Martins Bank 1928+

Some Branches of Martins Bank have the most surprising history. We have already told the story many times elsewhere in our Online Archive, of the thousands of brave Martins Bank Staff who went to fight or took up civilian duties in World War Two.

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We have also seen how Martins was able to bring in an army of women to run branches as well as looking after their families, and in many cases doing voluntary war work too.

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23 Seaside Road Eastbourne, a former Barclays sub-Branch betwwen 1900 and 1937, is home to Martins Bank�s Eastbourne Branch for the first nine years of its life, until in 1946 the Bank takes the lease of premises at 68 Terminus Road, which are immediately re-numbered as 128-130 Terminus Road.

In Service: 10 May 1937 until October 1946, then 1957 until 23 May 1958

192x Seaside Road Eastboune - Grenville Godfrey

SEASIDE ROAD EASTBOURNE - With thanks to Grenville Godfrey


Image � Barclays 1937



1939 Phonebook Entry for 23 Seaside Road

Image � B T 1939


In the extract further down this page from �Martins Bank Branches in Sussex� (A.F. Hill 1984, pictured below), we have a glimpse of life at this time in the town. Following the evacuation of thouands of people, the Branch keeps going through thick and thin � taking on the work of a nearby office which has to close for the duration of the war, and coping valiantly with the unexpected.We start with a potted history of 23 Seaside Branch using Newspaper copy and advertisements, which were placed by Martins Bank in the local press �

Eastbourne from start to �Terminus�



On 5 May 1937, the Eastbourne Gazette announces the impending arrival of Martins Bank Limited�



Image � Northcliffe Media Limited Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

Image reproduced with kind permission

of The British Newspaper Archive

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Our re-mastered advertisements start with a generic campaign for �Every Banking Service� from early 1940.Later that same year the temporary closure of Bexhill Branch brings more publicity for 23 Seaside.

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Finally in 1958 the Bank moves back into rebuilt offices at Terminus Road, have once again used the premises in Seaside Road to maintain service to customers during the branch alterations.


Image � Martins Bank Archive Collection

Advertisement Re-mastered 2018



Image � Martins Bank Archive Collections

Advertisement Re-mastered 2018

Image � Martins Bank Archive Collection

Advertisement Re-mastered 2018

Danger: U X B�

1957 Mr AF Hill MBM-Su67P06.jpgSandcastle.jpg{�Our representation in Eastbourne was first based at 23 Seaside Road (a former Barclays sub-branch) where Mr W H Kingham and his staff of three opened the office in May 1937.Business was very slow in the first few years, but was given a boost by the closure of Bexhill Branch in December 1940, when that office was closed for the duration of the war and the business transferred to Eastbourne. ..Another factor that restricted growth in the early years of the war was that the population of Eastbourne fell to approximately 15000 persons soon after the fall of France, with all non essential persons being evacuated.During the early part of the war, Eastbourne was subjected to numerous hit and run air raids by German aircraft and although the Branch and staff suffered no casualities, on one occasion an unexploded bomb fell within 20 yards of the Bank and the staff were evacuated from the building for a fortnight.During that time business was conducted from the customers waiting room at National Provincial Bank in Terminus Road, Nat. Pro. providing a cashing and clearing service, with the days work being held in a suitcase until the all clear was given to return to the office and bring the Ledgers up to date. Mr Murray appointed to the office in September 1939, coping with the upheaval of wartime and the expansion of the peace.Martins� spread of business in the town was largely private, with a business section made up of a good portion of hotel and guest house trade, together with allied trades.In 1946 the Bank bought 130 Terminus Road and occupied part of the premises; the other half being occupied by Geo Brown Gentlemens' Outfitters.The Branch outgrew its accommodation and in 1957 moved back to 23 Seaside Road whilst the whole of Terminus Road was rebuilt, returning there in 1958�}.

1937 to 1939 Mr W H Kinghorn Manager MBM-Wi51P37.jpg

1939 to 1959 Mr J Murray Manager MBM-Au59P51.jpg

1946 Mr N Mereweather MBM-Wi67P02

1946 to 1947 Mr R St J Adcock MBM-Su67P58






Mr W Kinghorn


1937 to 1939

Mr J Murray


1939 to 1946

Mr N Mereweather

On the Staff


Mr R St J Adcock

On the Staff

1946 to 1947




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Index Number and District:






11-245 Eastbourne 23 Seaside Road

Full Branch

23 Seaside Road Eastbourne Sussex

439 London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Eastbourne 20740 & 22000

Counter Only

Mr W H Kinghorn Manager (1937)

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East Boldon

10 May 1937

October 1946


23 May 1958

Used by Martins Bank as a Temporary Branch

Closed and business transferred to 130 Terminus Road

Used by Martins Bank as a Temporary Branch

Closed and business transferred back to rebuilt 130 Terminus Road.

Eastbourne Terminus Road