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Bury Banking Company

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Changing Priorities…

FOUR CENTURIES OF BANKING VOL II © MARTINS BANK LIMITED 1968 reports that no records survive to explain why the Bury Banking Company Limited, the oldest of the Lancashire constituents of Martins Bank, consented to be taken over by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank in 1888.  The main reason for the takeover would appear to be a considerable number of bad/rejected accounts in the books of the Bury Bank.  Thus another collection of branches, Whitefield amongst them, begin their journey towards becoming part of Martins Bank. 

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In service: 10 July 1882 – 16 July 2010

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Image © Barclays Ref 0030/3190

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The branch also appears to have been the subject of changing priorities over the years – in 1888 it is a full branch of the Bury Bank, but is downgraded to a sub branch once the merger with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank takes place.  In the 1960s Whitefield is  once again a full branch of Martins, and has its own sub branch at BESSES O’ TH’ BARN, which opens in 1937. For our feature, we look at the retirement of Mr Scholes, Manager at Whitefield from 1946 to 1958…

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1958 03 MBM.jpg1946 to 1958 Mr A Scholes Manager MBM-Au58P54.jpgFriday, May 30th being a local holiday Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Scholes invited a number of past and present members and friends of the staffs of Whitefield and Besses o' th' Barn branches, including Mr. R. H. Gregory, the previous Manager, to join them on an outing by coach through the Craven country and into Yorkshire, the company of 24 partaking of high tea at Gisburn. In this way they celebrated Mr. Scholes' retirement after 44 years' service. They were later entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Scholcs at their home and during the course of the evening, after an appropriate speech, Mr. Frank Webb presented Mr. Scholes with a travelling suitcase and cheque from many well wishers amongst his former colleagues and staff. Mrs. Scholes was presented with a bouquet of flowers by Miss P. L. Wardle-worth and a number of others also made short speeches of tribute to Mr. Scholes, after which they both suitably responded. Mr. Scholes entered the service of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank in 1914 at Radcliffe. He served in the Forces during the First World War from 1917-1919, afterwards returning to Radcliffe. He went to Spring Gardens in 1926 and his first appointment came in 1941 when he was made Manager at Hebden Bridge. He was appointed Pro Manager at Bury in 1945 and Manager at Whitefield in 1946.

Subtle changes down the years…

Whitefield Branch is seen here in 1922 as a Branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank (Courtesy W N Townson Bequest), in the 1960s as a Branch of Martins Bank, and then in its final days under Barclays before closure in 2010 (courtesy of Robert Wade, who also took the close up image of the doorway detail).  There have been a few structural changes, but largely the building remains easy to recognise. As an Italian Restaurant, whitefield Branch has escaped the fate of many of Martins Bank’s former buildings which have ended up as betting shops, pawnbrokers or charity shops…

1940 Whitefield Bury New Rd Exterior BGA Ref 30-3190

1922 - Image © Martins Bank Archive

Collections – W N Townson Bequest

1940 Whitefield Bury New Rd Exterior BGA Ref 30-3190


Image © Barclays Ref 0030/3190

1940 Whitefield Bury New Rd Exterior BGA Ref 30-3190

2010 – Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections – Robert Wade

1923 Mr A Whittaker joined the bank here MBM-Sp66P50

1927 to 1928 Mr A M Jackson joined the bank here MBM-Au64P04.jpg

1937 to 1939 Mr F S Martin MBM-Sp68P08.jpg

1946 to 1958 Mr A Scholes Manager CU MBM-Au58P54.jpg

1958 to 1960 Mr F Whewell Manager MBM-Su68P50.jpg

1960 to 1965 Mr G Ashworth Manager MBM-Su65P08.jpg






Mr A Whittaker

Joined the Bank Here


Mr A M Jackson

Joined the Bank Here

1927 to 1928

Mr F S Martin

On the Staff

1937 to 1939

Mr Arnold Scholes


1946 to 1958

Mr F Whewell


1958 to 1960

Mr G Ashworth


1960 to 1965






1965 to 1967 Mr H Johnes Manager MBM-Su65P03.jpg

1967 Mr T Derbyshire Manager MBM-Sp68P04.jpg






Mr H Johnes


1965 to 1967

Mr T Derbyshire


1967 onwards





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Index Number and Disrtict:






11-35-90 Whitefield

Full Branch

231 Bury New Road Whitefield Manchester

791 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

062 766 2537

Nightsafe Installed

Mr T Derbyshire Manager


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Wharfedale Auction Mart

10 July 1882

12 January 1888

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

16 July 2010

The Bury Banking Company Limited

Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-95-79 Whitefield Bury New Road