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Martins Bank 1928+

Martins Bank’s presence in the town of Northampton begins first at 17 Wood Street in 1937, and relocates to this lovely building at 18 The Drapery in 1939, where it remains open for business until 20 April 2022. 

In 1958 it is joined by a sub Branch at Northampton Cattle Market (which is closed in 1969), and, in 1967, it opens two self accounting sub branches, one at Kettering, the other at Wellingborough.

Although both do survive the merger with Barclays, they are now long since closed, the first was at one time home to an estate agency, the second a branch of the Yorkshire Bank. 

In Service: 1 November 1937 until 20 April 2022

(relocated to 19 Abington St 27 April 2022)

1966 Northampton the Drapery Exterior 1 BGA Ref 30-2072.jpg

Image © Barclays Ref 0030-2072


We can put Northampton branch’s longevity down to its prime location - The Drapery, providing an attractive and large shop front in the middle of a shopping area.  In 1950 the intrepid team from Martins Bank Magazine heads South to Northamptonshire, but are held back for some hours by the actions of a Liverpool bus driver, whose vehicle skids and causes a knock-on travel delay…


1950 01 MBM.jpgWe don't suppose that the Liverpool bus driver who skidded his bus on the bridge at Edge Hill Station flattered himself that the repercussions of his action would be felt in various parts of the Midlands and the South in missed train connections and broken engagements. In our own case the ten minutes by which we missed the train at Nuneaton for Northampton in­volved us in nearly two hours' wait for the next train on a bitterly cold morning, to say nothing of the consequent shortening of our visit to the Staff at Northampton.  As we shivered on the cold, wet platform it occurred to us that Northampton was about to be featured in the wrong article. Even "Outposts" would be an understatement; nothing less than "Backwoods Branches" would do justice to this peculiarly inaccessible place which most of the London trains miss, in spite of its size and the importance of its industries. A relief man leaving Liverpool on the 8-15 a.m. train will often arrive as we did, at 2 p.m.

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Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections

Three-fifths of Martins Bank’s Northampton Staff

(Mr. Teasdale on the right). Mr. Mellin and Miss Middleton were, unfortunately, away from work on the day the photographer arrived.

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Sep 1.jpg

1966 Northampton the Drapery Counter BGA Ref 30-2072

Image © Barclays Ref 0030-2072

We once made a vow, having ourselves suffered from the inconvenience of visitors on busy days, that we would never visit a branch on a Saturday or on the first day of the month. Owing to a very full timetable we broke the second part of our vow by visiting Northampton on the first day of February, market day and sheet night, so maybe the shortness of our visit was a blessing in disguise for the staff! Be that as it may, we would like to express our appreciation of the very friendly reception which awaited us from the staff, who obviously took the line that we had been sufficiently punished on the way for our choice of the day. Mr. Teasdale commenced his career at Darlington in 1920, his previous service including District General Management Staff, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Hanley.

Image (September 1947) © Martins Bank Archive Collections

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D. Mellin entered the Bank at Skipton in 1933 and has previously served at Nelson, Barnoldswick and Earby, also with H.M. Forces from 1939 to 1946. We regret that he is missing from the photograph as the result of illness following our visit! The other three members of the staff are all " locals." H. G. Norman entered the Bank at Northampton in 1940 and served with the Forces from 1944 until 1947. He has recently married and hopes to finish his Bankers' Examinations this year. D. Bull has only been on the staff since last May and is sitting for the first part of his Bankers' Examinations this year.

The female staff is represented by Miss J. M. Middleton who joined our staff at Northampton in 1947. We are quite sure it is not mere male gallantry which gives her the name of being a very good worker. We regret she also is missing from the photograph. In fact, all the members of the staff are good workers and have been known to turn up at 8-15 a.m. without any bidding on days which were known beforehand to be likely to be "sticky." It rained all the time we were in the town and the shortness of our visit precluded both sightseeing and a visit to a shoe factory which Mr. Teasdale had been anxious to arrange. In few other places have we sensed the feeling of isolation we experienced at Northampton and there was no disguising the genuine pleasure which a visit from a Head Office official gave the staff. They have a fine office, one of the most attractive and comfortable we have seen and the job being done is a worthy contribution to the Bank's progress.

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St Giles Square                   

Cattle Market

Gladstone Road*

*(Div & Int by post)


Regent Square

Weedon Road

Wellingborough Road


65 St Giles Street



14 Gold Street










George Row


Cattle Market

14 Kingsley Park Terrace


St James

Wellingborough Road



18 The Drapery

Cattle Market



Gold Street











Cattle Market                      

Kettering Road


St James Road

Wellingborough Road


47 The Drapery

Trustee Branch

Cattle Market

Kettering Road

St James Road



51 Abington Street










60 Main Road Duston

Cattle Market



48 The Drapery





1940 to 1944 Mr H G Norman joined the bank here MBM-Wi65P04.jpg

1946 to 1956 Mr A E Teasdale Manager MBM-Wi63P58.jpg

1950 Mr D Bull Joined the Bank Here MBM-Sp50P32






Mr P Wardle


1937 to 1946

Mr H G Norman

Joined Here 1940 to 1944

On the Staff 1950

Mr G F Camidge

On the Staff

1945 to 1946

Mr A E Teasdale


1946 to 1956

Mr D Mellin

On the Staff

1948 to 1952

Mr D Bull

Joined the Bank Here







1961 to 1965 Mr A Hill Assistant Manager MBM-Wi65P05.jpg

1961 to 1967 Mr R H Naylor Limited Authority MBM-Wi67P04.jpg

1965 to 1968 Mr R M Roberts Assistant Manager MBM-Wi65P03.jpg






Mr W  Alderton

On the Staff

1954 to 1960

Mr R M Whitlock


1956 onwards

Mr A S Dennett

Pro Manager

1958 to 1961

Mr A Hill

Assistant Manager

1961 to 1965

Mr R H Naylor

Limited Authority

1961 to 1967

Mr R M Roberts

Assistant Manager

1965 to 1968






1967 to 1969 Richard Castle.jpg

1968 to 1969 R H Mahon Assistant Manager MBM-Sp68P06.jpg

1969 Mr K Legan Assistant Manager MBM-Su69P17.jpg







Mr Richard Castle

On the Staff between

1966 and 1969

Mr R H Mahon

Assistant Manager

1968 to 1969

Mr Ken Legan

Assistant Manager








Index Number and District:






11-41-60 Northampton

Main Branch

18 The Drapery Northampton

595 Midland

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Northampton 39441

Nightsafe Installed

Mr R M Whitlock Manager


Sep 1.jpg

Sep 1.jpg

Northampton Wood Street

1 November 1937

15 December 1969

20 April 2022

27 April 2022

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-61-57 Northampton 18 The Drapery

Closed permanently from 12 Noon

Business moved to 19 Abington Street on 27 April 2022

Northampton Cattle Market