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Martins Bank 1928+

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In Service: 1967 until 26 March 1976

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Look out! - the dreaded bandit screens have arrived! This really is a BIG deal in the late 1960s, squared inexorably against the hopelessness of an ever increasing number of violent armed raids on banks. With much sorrow Martins, and most of the other banks must face reality, and do the unthinkable – place barriers between helpful staff and their customers. This (unintentionally) brings about the beginning of the end for intimate customer relations – an act that is eclipsed only by the introduction of computers at the counter, followed very quickly by the death-knell of internet banking – a phenomenon that continues to knock down bank branches like skittles in the Twenty-first Century, and shows no sign of stopping…

1967 02 MBM.jpgopposite our new branch at 57 New Broadway, Ealing, W.5, is the Town Hall, but in every other direction there are shops. As the Borough itself is bigger than many a town there can be little wonder why the Bank opened there, but if one bears in mind that the cost of a three-bedroomed house in Ealing may run to five figures it becomes clear that size was only one factor when con­sidering the expansion programme.

Fast, frequent and varied train services into London, more than enough open spaces, and the proximity to the A4 and the A40 at weekends have all contributed to making the Borough a popular and consequently expensive residential area. To the north there is industry, to the west and north west is country, and the branch lies between our offices at Southall, Richmond and Ken­sington High Street.

The new branch occupies a corner site, the side street leading to a large car park, and though the frontage is rather narrow the depth is tremendous and the Bank, with the help of the architects who also designed our very attractive Ashford branch, have produced a winner. The visitor cannot help being impressed by the way in which the unusually long outside wall has been broken into distinctive sections, thus counteracting but at the same time accentuating the effect of the high glass counter screens.  

There has been much talk of counter screens and if Ealing branch is the guinea pig the screens there are worth far more than a guinea a box. The large panels give a clear view of the cashiers, without the zoo aspect of the more usual grille or any claustrophobic complex of I’m here and you're there and let's keep it like that'. The unobtrusive glass baffles help rather than hinder audibility. The manager's room is bright and attractive and throughout the branch the effect is of everything having been put to the best and most attractive use. Occasional splashes of colour in the furniture relieve the wood brown.

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At your service:

Miss K Donahue, Mr L C Bowyer, Mr K W Quigley (Manager) and Mr D W Empson

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Mr K. W. Quigley is naturally and, we believe, as justifiably optimistic about the future as we are about his own prospects, for he is full of ideas and he promptly agreed with our comment that District Office seemed to have done him proud on staff.Mr D. W. Empson, who came from St James's Street branch, is as full of confidence as his manager while Mr Bowyer, with an eye to new business, was manning the counter with the air of a veteran. In Kathleen Donaghue, a level-headed young lady who only joined the Bank at Gloucester Road last October, the branch has the personification of counter attraction and, what is much more to the point, the prospect of cashiering is no more terrifying to her than was the transition from her native County Leitrim to London.  If Ealing branch goes like a bomb, it will do so on its own initiative, owing nothing to the Vandervell works nearby on Western Avenue.

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Miss K Donahue

On the Staff


Mr D W Empson

On the Staff


Mr K W Quigley


1967 onwards

Mr L C Bowyer

On the Staff


Mr D E Turner

On the Staff







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11-46-30 Ealing

Full Branch

57 New Broadway Ealing London W5

492 London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

01 579 1637 & 0330

Nightsafe Installed

Mr K W Quigley Manager


London 213 Baker Street


15 December 1969

26 March 1976

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-27-49 Ealing 57 New Broadway


London Eltham SE9