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Martins Bank 1928+

Holloway Road is one of the first London Branches to be opened after the creation of the modern day Martins Bank.  A Branch is opened at 65A HOLLOWAY ROAD on 4 March 1929, and remains open until 1940 when it is moved to the premises shown here, at No 405 Holloway Road. The image on the right shows the branch in the days when London trams travelled up and down Holloway Road, on their way to and from Highbury Corner.   The Branch building itself seems almost lost at the foot of the four-storey Drivers & Norris Estate Agents’ building.  The image underneath seems to have been taken from a closer perspective in order to try and exclude the tramline pole that is obscuring the name of the Bank. 

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We are delighted that these images have emerged from Barclays’ collection, but is it a shame that we still have no interior views of Holloway Road Branch. Early in 1970, just after the merger with Barclays, the Business of the Branch is merged with Barclays’ the Branch next door. See (“Then and Now” below).  Under Martins Bank, Holloway Road is a full branch which opens full banking hours across a six day week.  In the short magazine feature below, Holloway Road branch appears to be the subject of a hold-up, but things are not exactly what they seem…

Hold-up at holloway Road!

1962 01

In Service: 1940 until 25 August 2022

Images © Barclays Ref 0030-1333

A bank raid with a difference - The ‘armed bandits’ were more intent on catching the attention of the passers-by than on relieving our Holloway Road Branch of its takings, and, as a matter of fact, our staff did not even know of the ‘drama’ which was enacted outside their door until we sent them a copy of this photograph! The Circuits’ Management Association arranged for these five desperadoes to tour London districts where the film “The Hellions” was showing at Odeon and Gaumont theatres, and banks and Post Offices were included in this publicity stunt.

The Hellions is a western style drama set in South Africa in the early years of the twentieth century. It stars Richard Todd and Marty Wilde amongst others. We don’t expect that the stars of the film themselves are taking part in this stunt, and those in the picture will have to remain anonymous, as Martins Bank Magazine doesn’t name them…

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In this contemporary colour photograph from 2011, we can see how Barclays merged its existing branch at 403 Holloway Road, with that of Martins at No 405. Remarkably the estate agent’s sign has remained intact for more than fifty years. Our thanks to Robert Montgomery for another in his series of English bank branch photographs…

Images © Barclays Ref 0030-1333

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections – Robert Montgomery

1946 to 1950 Mr R Gilbert Manager MBM-Su67P02.jpg

1958 to 1962 Mr A W Sheldrick Manager MBM-Sp68P06.jpg

1962 to 1967 Mr D D Staunton Manager MBM-Wi67P05.jpg

1964 to 1966 Mr DS Gibbens limited authority MBM-Su66P05.jpg

1966 to 1969 Mr R N Ibbotson Limited Authority MBM-Sp69P10.jpg






Mr R Gilbert


1946 to 1950

Mr A H Lowe


1950 to 1954

Mr A W Sheldrick


1958 to 1962

Mr D D Staunton


1962 to 1967

Mr D S Gibbens

Limited Authority

1964 to 1966

Mr R N Ibbotson

Limited Authority

1966 to 1969






1967 Mr RC Baker Manager MBM-Wi67P02.jpg






Mr R C Baker


1967 onwards









Index Number and District:






11-74-40 London Holloway Road

Full Branch

405 Holloway Road  London N7

421 London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500


01 607 3455 / 5800

Nightsafe Installed

Mr R C Baker Manager

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Martins Bank’s Holloway Road Branch is included in Martins’ London Account Number Allocation, where Branches due for automation are given “significant  digits” to identify them at the London Computer Centre by account numbers issued to customers. The Branch Customer Accounts will be identified by the significant digits 43.

London 65a Holloway Road


15 December 1969

19 January 1970

25 August 2022

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited

Building and business merged with Barclays 403 Holloway Road

Closed permanently from 12 noon

London Lewisham