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Martins Bank 1928+

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Opened in 1961, Martins Bank’s branch at Sheffield Moor is new and purpose built, occupying space left in the Sheffield Moor area by the bombing of the second world war. Time flies however, and more than fifty years on, the building is empty and awaiting the next chapter of its life.  We are immensely grateful to Robert Dagnall for two modern day images – one of the night safe, still proudly bearing the name of Martins in the new century and shown below (right), The other image can be seen our “then and “now section, and shows the building as it is today.

In Service: 1961 until 27 April 1973


Sheffield Moor Exterior 1961 MBM-Wi61P09.jpg

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections

Our feature on this page takes us back to the beginning, and the optimism of the new branch, Martins Bank’s FOURTH in Sheffield…

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2010 Nightsafe Robert Dagnall1961 04 MBM.jpgOur New Branch at Sheffield Moor owes its existence to the extensive replanning of this area of Sheffield. Part of it was destroyed during the war and the remainder has been or is in course of being pulled down as the plan unfolds for the creation of a brand new shopping area. It is really too far from the old commercial quarter to be effectively served by our branch at West Street and so the banks are moving in. Ours, as the illustrations show better than any amount of descriptive wording, is a beautiful modern building with interior decor which responds to the full blaze of sunshine most cheerfully, or, on a dark day when the illuminated ceiling has to be switched on, creates an oasis of light, warmth and welcome which makes it a pleasure to step inside.


Sheffield Moor Interior1961 MBM-Wi61P09.jpg

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collection

Image © Barclays Ref 0030/2613

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On the day of our visit, October 5th, we called in at our West Street branch to renew acquaintance with the Manager, Mr. E. D. R. Whittaker, and our friends on the staff, before proceeding to the Moor. The Manager, Mr. D. O. Richardson, B.A. (Comm.), is no stranger to us, nor is his wife both of whom we were delighted to meet again and to entertain for lunch. Mr. Richardson is a great hockey enthusiast and it has been on the occasions of the annual hockey matches between the Man­chester and Liverpool Districts that we have previously met him and his wife.  They have a lovely family of three boys and three girls and they have installed themselves in rather an exciting house which has rooms at the back below the level of the road, so that on entering by the front door you go down a flight of steps into another living room and out through a French window into the garden—an excellent arrange­ment for confining the activities of the young folk to one part of the house!  Mr. Richardson is a Manchester District man who entered the Bank in 1935 and has previously served at Ardwick, Manchester City Office, Longsight, Great Ancoats Street, District Office, and Altrincham before his first appointment as Accountant at Blackburn in 1957. He served with H.M. Forces from 1939-1946. He entered the Leeds District this year to open the new branch.  Second in command is Mr. P. Pallister who only entered the Bank this year after previous business experience. He gives the impression of being a competent young man who will make his mark. Mr. P. Hudson is the third male member. He entered the Bank at West Street, Sheffield, last year.  The female staff is represented by Miss K. Robinson. She joined the Bank in 1959 at West Street and was transferred to the Sheffield University branch last year, so that Sheffield Moor is her second new branch. We formed the impression that the staff are very much enjoying working at the new branch and they are obviously very proud of it.

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Broadly unchanged but now in the shadow of a much larger building, Sheffield Moor was only a Bank for twelve years. It is sad that this lovely modern building was never going to be part of Barclays plans for the future in Sheffield…

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Image © Martins Bank Archive Collection

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collection: Robert Dagnall

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1961 Mr D O Richardson Manager MBM-Wi61P10.jpg

1961 Miss K Robinson MBM-Wi61P10.jpg

1961 Mr P Hudson MBM-Wi61P10.jpg

1961 to 1965 Mr P Pallister MBM-Au65P02.jpg

Mr D O Richardson


1961 onwards

Miss K Robinson

On the Staff


Mr P Hudson

On the Staff


Mr P Pallister

On the Staff

1961 to 1965








Index Number and District:






11-74-70 Sheffield Moor

Self accounting sub branch to 11-73-70 Sheffield West Street

176 Eyre Street Sheffield Yorkshire

621 Leeds

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Sheffield 21913

Nightsafe Installed

Manager: D O Richardson


Sheffield Bank Street


15 December 1969

27 April 1973

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-77-07 Sheffield Moor Eyre street


Sheffield University