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North Eastern Banking Company

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Dale and Company of South Shields opens a Branch at Tyne Dock, some time before 1892 when its business dealings are amalgamated with those of the North Eastern Banking Company. From that point by the process of further amalgamations Tyne Dock arrives into the possession of Martins Bank Limited.  Not surprisingly by the 1960s, a number of North Eastern Branches need a long awaited refurbishment, and Tyne Dock is rebuilt in 1961. 

In service: pre 1892, rebuilt 1963 – 16 March 2012

Tyne Dock exterior pre 1964 MBM-Sp64P11

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections

The original branch address is listed as 551 Stanhope Road, but by the time that Tyne Dock is featured as one of the “new branches for old” in Martins Bank Magazine, the demolished and rebuilt premises are known as 17 Boldon Lane. Building the new branch takes a number of months, and whilst the work is carried out, the Bank takes temporary premises over the road at 8 Boldon Lane.  Sadly, many buildings that today would be considered aesthetically pleasing and worth saving, are bulldozed and replaced with concrete and glass as far as the eye can see. We must remember however, that to this point people have worked in sub-standard offices for a very long time, and the promise of newer, brighter, more sanitary and infinitely more comfortable work surroundings is too good to turn down. The sheer optimism of early 1960s design also shows through, as some twenty years after the end of the War, the old is finally shaken off and the new is firmly embraced, even if that new consists of concrete and plastic. Martins Bank Magazine calls in to Tyne Dock Branch at the end of 1963, whilst on a whistle-stop tour of Martins’ North Eastern Branches…

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We visited Tyne Dock where, as at WINGROVE, temporary premises were available during the alterations and where Mr J Shotton, though nearing retirement, is now enjoying branch management in surroundings which must have been worth waiting for.  His own room and the main office are striking and spacious; upstairs, in addition to a Bank flat, there is a machine room in which one could swing innumerable cats.  if the new office does not blend with its surroundings, it is because these have not changed for half a century or more, but it is hoped that they will one day come to blend with the branch and give the district a much-needed healthier look.

Image © Barclays Ref 30-2744

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The Spring 1964 edition of Martins Bank Magazine also features Tyne Dock in an article written by the Bank’s Staff Architect, Mr D D J Silcock.  Here he explains the thinking behind the policy of “New Branches for Old”….

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1964 01 MBM.jpgThe work of forming new branches from old presents its special problems.  Where an existing branch is being altered but must continue to function on the site, it is necessary for the work to be staged.  This must take into account the importance of providing reasonable banking and staff facilities throughout the whole period of the work.  As the most convenient time for a change in stage to be carried out is at weekends, the contractor very often has to work round the clock so that the Bank can be ready for business on Monday morning.  The staging of work is mostly felt by the managers and staff who, unlike the customers, are ‘with it’ all the time, and the tolerance and co-operation shown on these occasions are greatly appreciated. It sometimes happens that even when structural work is underway, unexpected forms of construction present unforeseen problems and delays.  Party walls may be sub-standard and the remedy often proves expensive in time and cost. 

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by D D J Silcock, Staff Architect.

Dark and forbidding - the interior of the original building.

Images © Barclays Ref 0030-2744

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1964 Branch interior after refurbishment 3 - BGA Ref 30-2744

Bright and welcoming, the interior of the new branch

Image © Barclays Ref 0030-2744


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There have been cases where work on adjacent sites has had adverse effects on the Bank’s own work, such as basement flooding. While weather can often interfere with the work, the progress of a contract is always to some extent controlled by the ability of specialists to meet the agreed delivery dates.  Some items require a considerable time from order to delivery in site, and when one remembers that very often the necessary dimensions are not available until the main structure is in position, it is easy to see that sometimes delays are very difficult to prevent. The story is not yet complete, for there will inevitably be teething troubles – a door or a drawer which will not close properly; a heating system which suddenly develops a jinx and tries to roast everybody, but these matters can be rectified quickly.  Customers give their own critical analysis, usually of the design, and the staff, thankful to be free from dust and grit, add their opinions – a wall paper is changed.  but that is another story.

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Image © Barclays Ref 0030-2744


The staff of the newly refurbished branch at Tyne Dock, as depicted in Martins Bank Magazine’s Spring 1964 edition.

Image © Barclays Ref 0030-2744

One for the album…



1963 Tyne Dock Staff DJW-MBA.jpg

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Images © Martins Bank Archive Collections - D J Watson 1963/1964

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We are indebted to friend of the Archive, Dave J Watson, who has kindly made these two images of the Tyne Dock Staff available.  The colour image was taken in the new building in 1963, and belonged to his future wife Jacqueline (Patterson), who is seated rightmost in the line of ladies.  The monochrome image is from a social event and features the staff of Tyne Dock branch at the Mayfair hotel Newcastle upon Tyne in 1964…

1909 to 1922 Mr H Johnston Manager MBM-Au46P24.jpg

1925 to 1930 Mr H M Gibson Manager MBM-Wi50P22.jpg

1931 to 1954 Mr T Mavin Manager MBM-Sp54P52.jpg

1964 Miss W Harris MBM-Sp64P13.jpg

1947 to 1947 Mr A Cuthbert MBM-Wi66P02.jpg

1954 to 1966 Mr J Shotton Manager MBM-Sp66P54.jpg






Mr H Johnston


1909 to 1922

Mr H M Gibson


1925 to 1930

Mr T Mavin


1931 to 1954

Miss Winsome Harris

On the Staff

1946 and 1960 onwards

Mr A Cuthbert

On the Staff

1947 to 1947

Mr J Shotton


1954 to 1966

Sep 1.jpg






1956 to 1958 Mr G T Straughan MBM-Sp65P03.jpg

1964 Miss V I Croft MBM-Sp64P13.jpg

1958 to 1962 Mr Peter Teasdale DJT-MBA

1964 Mr S Cross MBM-Sp64P13.jpg

1964 Mr A E Spain MBM-Sp64P13.jpg

1961 to 1964 Mr A Clive Nicholson DJT-MBA






Mr G T Straughan

On the Staff

1956 to 1958

Mrs Valerie I Croft

(née Redpath)

Joined Here 1958 to ?

Mr G  Peter Teasdale

On the Staff

1958 to 1962

Mr Sam Cross

Joined the Bank Here

1959 to 1964

Mr Alan E Spain

On the Staff

1960 to 1965

Mr A Clive  Nicholson

On the Staff

1961 to 1964

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1964 Mr M B Williams MBM-Sp64P13.jpg

1964 Mr R W Read MBM-Sp64P13.jpg

1963 Brenda Chalmers DJT-MBA

1963 to 1964 Miss Jackie Pitt Joined here then 1968 to 1968 DJT-MBA

1964 Miss J Patterson MBM-Sp64P13.jpg

1964 Miss Joan Clegram Joined Here DJT-MBM






Mr Martin B Williams

On the Staff

1961 to 1965

Mr Robert W Read

On the Staff

1962 onwards

Mrs Brenda Chalmers

(née Poulter)

On the Staff 1963 to ?

Miss Jackie Pitt

Joined the Bank Here

1963 to 1964

Miss Jacqueline Patterson

On the Staff

1963 to 1968

Miss Joan Clegram

Joined the Bank Here


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1966 Mr GD Richardson Manager MBM-Sp66P05.jpg

1966 to 1967 Mr M Cushing pro Manager MBM-Wi67P05.jpg









Mr G Denis Richardson


1966 onwards

Mr M Cushing

Pro Manager

1966 to 1967





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Index Number and District:






11-74-80 South Shields Tyne Dock

Full Branch

551 Stanhope Road South Shields County Durham

363 North Eastern

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

South Shields 60154

Nightsafe Installed

Mr G D Richardson Manager

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South Shields Laygate

Pre 1892

8 July 1892

7 August 1914

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

4 November 1961

4 November 1961

21 October 1963

15 December 1969

Friday 16 March 2012

Opened by Dale and Company of South Shields, Bankers

The North Eastern Banking Company Limited

The Bank of Liverpool

The Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

closed for demolition and rebuilding work

Moved to temporary premises at 8 Boldon Lane

Re-opened with new address 17 Boldon Lane

Barclays Bank Limited

Closed Permanently at 12 Noon

South Shields Westoe