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Martins Bank 1928+

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At last – a Liverpool Branch that wasn’t opened by the Bank of Liverpool!  Childwall Five Ways is a relative baby in Martins Bank’s family of Liverpool Branches, and it opened in this somewhat Dutch Barn type of building in 1938. 

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The Branch sits on one edge of the famous Childwall Five Ways Roundabout (it goes five different ways, you know) and sits on the border of Liverpool 15 and Liverpool 16.  The choice of this location for a bank branch was obviously a good one, as Childwall survives the merger with Barclays, remains open until October 2015.

In Service: 1938 until Friday 2 October 2015


Image © Barclays Ref 0030-1663

Our retirement feature centres on Mr W A Foulkes, who is Manager at Childwall from 1946 to 1960. He enters the Bank in 1917 and serves for an amazing forty-three years…

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1960 03 MBM.jpgAt the end of June, Mr. W. A. Foulkes re­tired after 43 years' service and to mark the occasion a gathering took place at Childwall Five Ways branch on June 23rd to witness the presentation of a cheque by Mr. Ian Buchanan, Liverpool Assistant District Manager, on behalf of the subscribers.  The proceedings were opened by Mr. E. E. S. Riley who spoke in the warmest terms of Mr. Foulkes's managership. Miss B. M. Carter, who has been Mr. Foulkes's secretary for a number of years, then presented a bouquet to Mrs. Foulkes. In his remarks Mr. Buchanan referred in the kindliest terms to the man we have all known as 'Father' Foulkes, to his competence and patience as a trainer of new juniors, to the basic kindliness of his character, and to his loyalty, faithfulness and devotion to the service of the Bank throughout the whole of his career. Mr. Foulkes replied by thanking everyone with whom he had worked for their help and co-operation, and especially his wife.

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1960 s Liverpool Childwall Five Ways Street Sign BGA Ref 30-1663The gift was to be devoted to the purchase of a Parker Knoll chair, he told us, and there was a special word of thanks to Miss B. M. Carter whose help all the years he had been at Childwall had been invaluable.  A cocktail-cum-tea party followed and among the gathering of friends it was specially pleasing to note the presence of the local Managers of the Westminster and Midland Banks. Mr. Foulkes entered the Bank in 1917. He served with H.M. Forces from 1918-19, afterwards serving for varying periods at Smithdown, Head Office, East, on H.O. Relief staff and at Woolton Road before his first appointment as Clerk-in-Charge at Woolton Road in 1938. He became Pro Manager at Heathfield in 1942 and Manager at Childwall Five Ways in 1946.

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Images © Barclays Ref 0030-1663

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Many thanks to Gary Owens, who previously sent us a photograph of LIVERPOOL BOOKER AVENUE Branch following its closure in 2016, when the original Martins Bank signage had been revealed above the door.  The same thing has happened at Childwall Five Ways, which closed in 2015, and whilst it is sad to see such buildings in an “unloved” state, it is also heartening to have another direct link with the Bank’s past…

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1938 to 1946 Mr D B Caughey clerk in charge MBM-Wi65P50.jpg

1946 to 1960 Mr W A Foulkes MAnager MBM-Au60P52.jpg

1963 Miss T M Jones Cashier MBM-Au63P41.jpg

1967 Mr D Gregson pro Manager MBM-Sp67P07.jpg






Mr D B Caughey

Clerk in charge

1938 to 1946

Mr W A Foulkes


1946 to 1960

Miss T M Jones



Mr W A Inglis

On the Staff

1964 to 1967

Mr G Coles


1964 to 1967

Mr D Gregson

Pro Manager


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Index Number and District:






11-78-20 Liverpool Childwall 5 Ways

Full Branch

1 Childwall Priory Road Liverpool 16

65 Liverpool

Mon to Fri1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

CHIldwall 1468

Nightsafe Installed

Mr C G Coles Manager


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Castle Street


15 December 1969

Friday 2 October 2015

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-50-70 Liverpool Childwall Five Ways

Closed permanently at 12 Noon


Church Street