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North Eastern Banking Company

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It takes two…

After amalgamating in 1914 with the North Eastern Bank, the Bank of Liverpool wastes no time in putting its name above the door of our branch at Albert Road Middlesbrough.  Four years later, there is another change of name, and ten years after that another one, this time upon the creation of the modern-day Martins Bank.

We fast forward to the Second World War now, when Martins owes an immense debt of gratitude to the army of ladies who have taken on roles of responsibility to run our branches as Pro Manager or Clerk in Charge whilst staff are called up to fight for their country.  The Bank’s Branch at Albert Road in Middlesbrough is looked after in this way not by one, but by TWO ladies from 1942 until the end of the conflict. Miss Mary Cranston is Clerk in Charge from 1942 to 1945, and Miss Norah Cranston takes charge in the same role from 1945 to 1946.

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At the end of the war the Cranstons stand down, and a new branch manager – Mr J A Naisbitt -  is appointed at Middlesbrough.

In service: pre 1914 – 16 September 2011


Image © Barclays Ref 0030-1889

Mr Naisbitt goes on to be Joint General Manager of the Bank from 1961 to 1964, so success is obviously in the air in this particular part of the World… We have two retirement features for Middlesbrough, Mr Goostrey retires in 1959 after eight years there as Manager.  Then we move forward a little to 1964 to say goodbye to Mr Raine who has served in a “pro Manager” role since 1958.




1959 04 MBM.jpg1951 to 1959 Mr P W Goostrey Manager MBM-Wi59P49.jpgOn the eve of his retirement at the end of August, Mr. Percy W. Goostrey acted as host to past and present colleagues at the Masham Hotel, Middlesbrough. Presenting him on behalf of the subscribers with a portable transistor radio, Mr. J. Milner, Assistant Manager, spoke of the high regard shared by customers and colleagues alike for Mr. Goostrey. In reply, Mr. Goostrey expressed his appreciation of the loyalty all members of the staff had extended to him. "Without this," he said, "no manager could make any progress at all." Miss Rosemary Pallister then presented a bouquet to Mrs. Goostrey, who, in a touching little speech expressed her gratitude and also her pride in her husband's achievements. These proceedings were followed by a happy gathering from which those present were reluctant to depart. Among those who attended were Mr. A. B. Hindmarsh (Manager, Leeds City Office), Mr. S. A. Elton (Manager, Darlington), Mr. K. J. Peacock (Manager, South Shields), Mr. H. E. Pearson (Manager, Durham), Mr. E. G. Lowery (Mr. Goostrey's successor), and several customers. Mr. Goostrey commenced his service with the Lancashire & Yorkshire Bank. He was appointed Pro Manager at St. Ann's Square in 1933 and the following year became Sub Manager at Preston. He was appointed Manager at Wigan in 1936, at Darlington in 1946 and at Middlesbrough in 1951. Mr. and Mrs. Goostrey are going to live in Scar­borough.


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1958 to 1964 Mr J W Raine Pro Manager MBM-Au64P56.jpg1964 03 MBM.jpgthe eve of Mr John Raine's retirement at the end of June was a memorable occasion. He was entertained to lunch by Mr W. Weatherill (District General Manager) and his colleagues, after which, at a gathering at Middlesbrough branch, Mr E. G. Lowery, the Manager and a friend of many years' standing, presented him with a gold wristlet watch as a token of affection and good wishes from sixty colleagues, including some now far removed from Tees-side. Tribute was paid to Mr Raine's loyal and con­scientious service and to his genial and understanding nature which had won for him so many friends. He replied in a grate­ful and humorous vein. In the evening Mr and Mrs Raine were host and hostess at a happy gathering at the Masham Hotel, where Miss Jean Carmichael handed Mrs Raine a brooch she was known to have admired. There were about sixty guests including Mr M. A. Charlton (Pro Staff Manager), representing North Eastern District Office. Mr Raine entered the Bank at Willington in 1920 and later moved to Bishop Auck­land. In 1929 he transferred to Middles­brough branch where, apart from service in the London area during the 'blitz' and three years at Sedgefield, he spent thirty-five years of his career. He was appointed Pro Manager in 1958.


A Bright new future for Albert Road?

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The 1960s bring with them ambitious plans for changing the centres of many of our towns and cities almost beyond recognition.  This Architect’s drawing for a new shopping and office complex in Middlesbrough’s Albert Road completely dwarfs the North Eastern Banking Company’s original building, (right) which was traditionally one of the taller buildings in Middlesbrough!  Do these plans come to fruition?  Well, sort of, eventually. Barclays moves to the new premises in 1979. The artist’s impression below (left) is interesting because it shows the Woolwich Building Society to the left of the new building, and Martins Bank to the right. Both Woolwich and Martins are of course swallowed up by Barclays…

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1979 Barclays rebuilt in Albert Road - BGA Ref 30-1889

Images © Barclays Ref 0030-1889

1907 to 1919 Mr H R Barker MBM-Sp47P31.jpg

1908 to 1930 Mr T B Dixon MBM-Sp51P25.jpg

1913 Mr W H Kinghorn MBM-Wi51P37.jpg

1914 to 1928 Mr J F Carter joined the bank here MBM-Sp62P53.jpg

1919 to 1928 Mr S W Fawcett MBM-Wi57P46.jpg

1919 to 1940 Mr H Stitt Pro Manager from 1931 MBM-Wi48P11.jpg

Mr H R Barker

On the Staff

1917 to 1919

Mr T B Dixon

On the Staff

1908 to 1930

Mr W H Kinghorn

On the Staff


Mr J F Carter

Joined the Bank Here

1914 to 1928

Mr S W Fawcett

On the Staff

1919 to 1928

Mr H Stitt

Pro Manager

1919 to 1940

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1920 Mr J Ellis joined the bank here MBM-Au62P53.jpg

1920 to 1936 later 1958 to 1965 Mr E G Lowery Manager MBM-Sp65P57.jpg

1923 Mr R Usher joined the bank here MBM-Wi65P53.jpg

Mr J Ellis

Joined the Bank Here


Mr E G Lowery

On Staff 1920 to 1936

Manager 1959 to 1965

Mr R Wilson

Joined the Bank Here


Mr R Usher

Joined the Bank Here


Mr K J Peacock

Joined 1932 to 1938

Staff 1946-49 and 54-57

Manager1965 onwards

Mr A Cummin

On staff 1934 to 1943

Pro Manager 1942-43

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1935 to 1946 Mr W R Dixon Manager MBM-Au46P14.jpg

1940 to 1942 Mr R B Dixon joined the bank here MBM-Su65P06.jpg

1942 to 1945 Miss Mary Crantston Clerk in Charge MBM-Wi46P10.jpg

1945 to 1946 Miss Norah Crantston Clerk in Charge MBM-Wi46P10.jpg

1946 to 1951 Mr J A Naisbitt Manager MBM-Au46P20.jpg

1946 to 1952 Mr F Robinson Assistant Manager MBM-Au67P49.jpg

Mr W R Dixon


1935 to 1942

Mr R B Dixon

Joined the Bank Here

1940 to 1942

Miss Mary Cranston

Clerk in Charge

1942 to 1945

Miss Norah Cranston

Clerk in Charge

1945 to 1946

Mr J A Naisbitt


1946 to 1951

Mr F Robinson

Assistant Manager

1946 to 1952

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1950s Gordon William Curry A Deacy - MBA

1949 to 1951 Mr G H D Smith MBM-Wi63P06.jpg

1951 to 1959 Mr P W Goostrey Manager MBM-Wi59P49.jpg

1952 to 1954 Mr W S Brown Assistant Manager MBM-Su61P06.jpg

1957 to 1960 Mr J Milner Assistant Manager MBM-Wi67P03.jpg

1958 to 1964 Mr J W Raine Pro Manager MBM-Au64P56.jpg

Mr Gordon W Curry

Joined the Bank Here

1947 to 1949

Mr G H D Smith

On the Staff

1949 to 1951

Mr P W Goostrey


1951 to 1959

Mr W S Brown

Assistant Manager

1952 to 1954

Mr J Milner

Assistant Manager

1957 to 1960

Mr J W Raine

Pro Manager

1958 to 1964

Sep 1.jpg

1962 T Bannister Staff MBM-Wi62P22.jpg

1962 to 1964 Mr R J Pearson Assistant Manager MBM-Wi64P07.jpg

1964 to 1966 Mr G N Burrows joined the bank here MBM-Au67P07.jpg

1964 to 1967 Mr A L S Watson Assistant Manager MBM-Wi64P05.jpg

1964 to 1967 Mr J A Mcnall pro Manager MBM-Au64P04.jpg

Mr T Bannister

On the Staff


Mr R J Pearson

Assistant Manager

1962 to 1964

Mr G N Burrows

Joined the Bank Here

1964 to 1966

Mr A L S Watson

Assistant Manager

1964 to 1967

Mr J A McNall

Pro Manager

1964 to 1967

Mr Kenneth Quinn

On the Staff

1965 onwards

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1967 Mr AJ Easdown pro Manager MBM-Au67P03.jpg

Mr A J Easdown

Pro Manager










Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-96-50 Middlesbrough Albert Road

Full Branch

PO Box 19 28/32 Albert Road Middlesbrough Yorkshire

342 North Eastern

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Middlesbrough 47045/6

Nightsafe Installed

Mr K J Peacock Manager


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Middlesbrough I C I

Wilton Works

Pre 1914

7 August 1914

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969


16 September 2011

North Eastern Banking Company

Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins Limited

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-56-74 Middlesbrough Albert Rd


Closed permanently from 12 Noon

Middlesbrough Linthorpe

Oxford Road