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Between 1909 and its amalgamation with the Bank of Liverpool in 1914, the North Eastern Banking Company adds another six sub branches, and three full branches to its portfolio.  It also undertakes alterations and improvements to its Head Office - the magnificent building at 22 Grey Street in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Amongst the new branches is Gateshead Coatsworth Road, opened in 1910. Our feature is the retirement celebration for Mr J W Johnson, Manager of Coatsworth Road Branch for 18 years. 

In service: Around 1910 – 25 July 2014

1960 s Gateshead Coatsworth Road CU BGA Ref 30-1049.jpg

Branch Images © Barclays Ref 30/1049

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1947 to 1965 Mr J W Johnson Manager (2)  MBM-Sp47P11.jpgMr Johnson is one of only a few Martins Managers to be featured in Martins Bank Magazine both at the start and end of their careers with the Bank. In 1947 his arrival is announced by Martins Bank Magazine, which for about a year, runs a special photo feature in each quarterly issue, which announces the arrival of various new managers, showing images of the managers and their new Branches.

{MR J W JOHNSON – Manager of Coastworth Road Branch, Gateshead: entered the service in 1920 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He subsequently went to Durham and then to Newcastle District general Manager’s staff in 1938.  He was appointed to his present position on January 1ST 1947}

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The rather faint image of the Branch in 1947 seems to show only TWO arched windows to the left of the building, whereas there are definitely THREE of them in the 1960s image shown above!

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1965 J W Johnson.jpgthe retirement of Mr Johnson, Manager of Coatsworth Road branch for the last 18 years, was marked by an informal party at the County Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, on January 28th. More than 70 colleagues were present but several more friends were prevented from attending at the last moment by the inclement weather. District Office was represented by Mr K. O. Wells (Superintendent of Branches) and Mr M. A. Charlton (Pro Staff Manager), Mr Weatherill having previously entertained Mr Johnson to lunch at Grey Street. During the evening, binoculars and a gold wrist watch were presented to Mr Johnson by Mr P. Hide, his second-in-command, who paid tribute to Mr Johnson and mentioned the high esteem in which he was held by customers and staff. In his response, Mr Johnson thanked all who had contributed to his retirement gifts, the staff who had worked with him so loyally, and his past colleagues with whom he had enjoyed working during his 44 years in the Bank. Miss S. M. Alexander presented Mrs Johnson with a bouquet. On the previous Monday evening, Mr Johnson and his wife had entertained many of his customers at the Bank. Those present had universally thanked him for the excellent service and kindness he had shown them during his 18 years as Manager. He entered the service at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1920, going to Durham 7 years later. From 1938 to 1947 he was on the District General Manager's staff.

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Much has changed at Coatsworth road since the 1960s, and from the modern image courtesy of our friends at Google Maps, we can see that at some stage Barclays has filled in the original front door of the Branch.  All good things must come to an end however, and in July 2014, Barclays shuts up shop for good at Coatsworth Road…

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1910 to 1927 Mr J W Bell Manager MBM-Su48P06.jpg

1923 to 1935 Mr F D Ayton joined the bank here MBM-Wi66P55.jpg

1940 to 1940 Mr A E Milburn joined the bank here MBM-Au61P38.jpg

1946 to 1947 Mr A J Easdown MBM-Au67P03.jpg

1947 to 1965 Mr J W Johnson Manager (2)  MBM-Sp47P11.jpg

1950 to 1950 Mr E B Sanderson MBM-Su64P03.jpg






Mr J W Bell


1910 to 1927

Mr F D Ayton

Joined the Bank Here

1923 to 1935

Mr A E Milburn

Joined the Bank Here

1940 to 1940

Mr A J Easdown

On the Staff

1946 to 1947

Mr J W Johnson


1947 to 1965

Mr E B Sanderson

On the Staff

1950 to 1950

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1950 to 1951 Mr D R Sargeant joined the bank here MBM-Su64P06.jpg

1951 to 1952 Mr A McDonald MBM-Wi66P03.jpg

1954 to 1956 Mr WE Richardson MBM-Au64P05.jpg

1957 to 1958 Mr A Galley MBM-Sp67P05.jpg

1964 to 1965 Mr P Hide MBM-Wi65P05.jpg

1965 Mr W Hunter Manager MBM-Sp65P08.jpg






Mr D R Sergeant

Joined the Bank Here

1950 to 1951

Mr A McDonald

On the Staff

1951 to 1952

Mr W E Richardson

On the Staff

1954 to 1956

Mr A Galley

On the Staff

1957 to 1958

Mr P Hide

On the Staff

1964 to 1965

Mr W Hunter


1965 onwards







Index Number and District:






11-97-20 Gateshead Coatsworth Road

Full Branch

145 Coatsworth Road Gateshead NE8 1UH County Durham

316 North Eastern

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Gateshead 72454

Nightsafe Installed

Mr W Hunter Manager

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7 August 1914

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

Friday 25 July 2014

Opened by the North Eastern Banking Company

Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-33-49 Gateshead Coatsworth Road

Closed permanently at 12 noon

Gateshead 86 High Street