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The Craven District of Martins Bank consists predominantly of the branches and sub branches that are subsumed in 1906 by the merger of the Craven Bank and the Bank of Liverpool.  There are some exceptions, those being the branches and sub branches added to the Craven District after 1906 by the Bank of Liverpool until 1918, the Bank of Liverpool and Martins between 1918 and 1928, and Martins Bank itself, between 1928 and 1969. Craven and Northern, are the only two Districts of Martins Bank not to have their own administrative centre, or District Office, and both are “looked after” from Liverpool district Office.  It is however acknowledged, that what little autonomy these small districts enjoy is under the watchful eye of Skipton Branch, in the case of Craven District, and Kendal Branch in the Northern district. 


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Skipton – Principal Branch of the Craven District

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Our pages for these Districts will therefore differ from the others, as there are no district managers or departmental staff to record here. We will however fill our Craven and Northern Pages with stories that feature in Martins Bank Magazine over the years…

Craven District Dinner - 1957


Craven District Dinner 1957 – Starkie Arms, Clitheroe

1906 Craven Bank Sovreign Box 1 - Dave Baldwin

The highlight of the year in all of Martins’ nine districts has to be the Annual Dinner, which in some cases is also a dinner and dance.  Traditionally paid for half by the Bank, and half by those attending, these annual get-togethers are hugely anticipated, and mark the high point in the social life of the Bank.  The Craven dinners are mostly held at the Craiglands Hydro Hotel, Ilkley, who are customers of the bank, and lavish evening of good food and cameraderie can be had by every member of staff who has paid 10/6 (Ten Shillings and Sixpence, equal today to £0.52½, about 30 US Cents!)  

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Our good friend and Martins Colleague David Baxter, has kindly provided us with this photograph of the 1957 Craven District Dinner, which comes from the estate of Jessie Wilkinson, who herself features in the picture.  Unusually, this particular dinner is not held at the Ilkley Hydro, but at the Starkie Arms Clitheroe. 

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Seal of Office…

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We extend our congratulations and good wishes to Mr George Dale, First Cashier at  KEIGHLEY Branch, who became Mayor of Keighley on 21 May thereby becoming the third of our colleagues to achieve mayoralty.  Mr D McNair (Manager, Edgware Road Branch) was Mayor of Paddington last year and Mr H B-P Williamson (former Manager, Appleby Branch) was Mayor of Appleby some years ago.  Keighley is a municipal borough with a population of 56,000 and Mr Dale has been Coucillor for the moreton Ward since 1958, serving on the Planning and Development and the Finance and General Purposes Committees.  A native of Carleton, near Skipton, he has been at Keighley Branch since 1931.  He served in the R A F during the war and was awarded the British Empire Medal.  His wife also takes an active part in local social and cultural interests, and was formerly Miss Margery E Heughan of the Keighley Staff. Her father too, was at Keighley Branch until 1946.  Although this announcement is long overdue, we are now able to publish Mr Dale’s photograph and also to send our heartiest congratulations to him and his wife on celebrating their silver wedding on 18 July.

Tree’s a crowd, young bankers, and Auld Lang Syne…

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The duties of a Martins Bank Manager are many and varied, and it seems they can include being called upon to assist local dignitaries to plant a tree…




Mr E G Earnshaw (Manager, Burnley Branch) assists the Mayor of Burnley, Alderman T E Gallagher to plant one of the many trees obtained for the town by the Burnley and District Civic Trust in August.

1964 Mr E G Earnshaw at Burnley tree Planting MBM-Wi64P36.jpg

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1965 Mr GA Weatherburn Manager MBM-Su65P04…or give a speech…

Mr G A Weatherburn (Deputy Manager at Burnley Branch) lectured on “Securities for the Young Banker” at the East Lancashire Centre of the Institute of Bankers.


1960 to 1965 Mr RF Hopwood pro then assistant Manager MBM-Su65P07…or organise a bash…

The Annual Staff Dance was held at the Cow and Calf hotel, Ilkley, on Friday 6 November.  After an excellent meal, a lively programme of dances was enjoyed and the proceedings wound up with “Auld Lang Syne” at 1am.  Arrangements were in the capable hands of Mr R F Hopwood (Assistant Manager, Keighley Branch).

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1946 on Miss MM Slayden Second Cashier from 1946 MBM-Au65P42… and of course, to be very well “Settle’d” into a variety of roles…

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1963 03.jpgMiss Mary Slayden (Settle Branch) has, for the second time, been elected president of the Settle Business and professional Women’s Club, of which she is a founder member.  Her other interests include the treasurership of the Skipton Division Women’s Conservative Association and membership of the Settle Dramatic Club committee.