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Martinplanning is, it would seem, definitely de rigeur!  Well, in principle, perhaps. We probably will never know just how many people took Martinplanning on board as a way to manage their money.  The concept is simple – you use Martinplanning to save for the things you want, and in return Martins offers a range of services to help you spend your savings wisely on that dream holiday, or other major purchase. 

The drudgery and headaches of paying the regular household bills can now be helped by use of standing orders, credit transfers, and the newly invented direct debit. “Going Away”, in particular to some foreign clime, can now be sold as a dream that has its own Martins Bank solution. Despite the impending merger with Barclays, this particular Martins product is marketed right until the very end…


Getting away from it all . . .


Holidays are meant to be enjoyed. That's where Martinplanning comes in to make those colourful travel brochures come true, Martinplanning is the way we have of helping our customers make the most of their money. We draw on our years of experience in manag­ing money to help you get the best from yours. Martinplanning covers every aspect of money for holidays. It can help you save up for them, and earn good interest on your savings.  It means help with everything to do with foreign currency. There are Travellers' Cheques you can cash at home or overseas, or you can have an arrangement enabling you to cash your own cheques here or abroad where there's a bank. Martinplanning means help with other things that go to make a carefree holiday, too. Seeing that your valuables are kept safe and sound whilst you're away, for example. Or supplying you with Travel Cards packed with all sorts of useful information that's hard to find anywhere else.  Martinplanning, you see, is flexible and personal, tailored to the special needs of each individual customer. Why not have a word with the Manager about it? He can help you to make the holiday of your dreams a reality—­without putting you in penury for months afterwards.

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Thrift is the key!

What is so radically different to today’s hard-sell tactics, is that Martins is encouraging customers to SAVE for what they want, and then make those savings work as hard as they can to fulfil dreams. Martinplanning does also include personal loans, and on the eve of the merger with Barclays, Martins offers the American Express Credit Card at a preferential rate of interest – in direct competition with Barclaycard.

Meet the Martinplanning family…

1968 02 MBMWhen cartoons were needed to add the “wry touch” to the Bank’s recent series of Martinplanning advertisements, our publicity department turned to the man voted ‘Humorous Cartoonist of the Year’ in 1966, and a regular contributor to ‘Punch’ Magazine, Bill Tidy.


Bill tidy’s wittily drawn Martinplanning family comes along a little too late in the day, and with only a few months before the is merger all but complete, we don’t see them apart from the “Start Martinplanning your Merry Christmas” advertisement shown below.

… there to help you plan for everything from holidays to Christmas!


1967 Martinplanning gives you the key PA


“This wallet contains full details of the various services of Martins Bank in connection with your personal scheme of Martinplanning”

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The Martinplanning wallet is filled with leaflets and guides related to an individual customer’s needs, and is an excellent way for the Bank to engender brand loyalty. The age of a bank being a one-stop money shop has arrived, pioneered by Martins through Martinplanning.  In its advertising, the Bank  makes deliberate use of images of everyday people and the financial situations in which they find themselves, in order to firstly reflect the aspirations of customers, and then to show them that what they want IS within their reach. – All it takes is a little Martinplanning!

1967 Martinplanning Information Wallet  Ken Legan

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections

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The three Martinplanning leaflets - covering those most important aspects of life in the 1960s, work rest and play!

Images © Martins Bank Archive Collections