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As an independent bank – the largest of the “Small Six”,  Martins’ Bank’s days are now numbered, with the prospect of the merger swallowing up what we know and love into a larger entity.  The Martins name will be lost almost overnight, and many branches will close.  It is therefore good to see that as late as the Summer of 1968 – just a couple of months before the merger is irrevocably set in motion -  the Bank is still carrying on as normal, using the latest advertising techniques to win over a new generation of workers who will soon be paid directly into a bank account for the first time. The results include “EVERYONE NEEDS A BANK ACCOUNT”, and “How a bank account can help you” which is laid out below, and demonstrates well this final flourish of “business as usual” for Martins Bank…

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Perhaps you are one of the many people who are to be paid by cheque or by direct credit to a bank.  If this is so you will want a bank account. This leaflet explains the special benefits of having an account at Martins…

1968 How a Bank Account Could Help You BGA Ref A-70

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Opening an account


This is a very simple matter. Call in at your local branch of Martins and tell them that you would like to open an account The Manager or a member of the staff will explain the few simple formalities required. You certainly won't be expected to deposit a large sum of money to become a customer: in fact the account can be opened with your first pay credit. Martins have a reputation for being really helpful which you'll enjoy from the moment you go in the door.



How much will it cost?


1968 How a Bank Account Could Help You BGA Ref A-70If your wage, salary, or pension is automatically paid into your bank account Martins can offer you particularly favourable charges.  If you make up to thirty drawings (which include cash withdrawals, cheques and standing orders) each half year the charge will be only 10s—provided the account is not overdrawn; that is a cost of only 4d an item.


If you keep a minimum of £50 in your account the charge would be only 5s; and should your balance reach 100 minimum you would be charged nothing at all for up to thirty drawings in the half year. If you make more than this number of drawings the charge (if any) would still be very reasonable, and would be discussed with you by the bank manager. Similarly attractive terms may be available to you if you receive your pay by cheque. A bank account offers a lot of very practical advantages in the every day managing of money, plus many useful additional services. What is more, every customer of Martins is dealing with a friendly, helpful bank whose experience and advice is his for the asking.

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The advantages of an account at Martins


If you receive your pay by Bank Giro credit it will be paid automatically into your account. If you are paid by cheque, you can pay this in to your account yourself. You can also pay in any other money, cheques or postal orders that you receive, of course. Using a bank account in this way means that your money is completely safe and there is no risk of cash being lost or stolen.

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When you need ready money, you simply cash a cheque, usually at the branch of the bank where you have your account but arrangements can be made for your cheques to be cashed at other branches, too. Then there is the great convenience of being able to pay bills by cheque, or by Bank Giro credits. Regular payments like rent or H.P. instalments can be taken care of by standing orders (sometimes called Bankers' Orders) which save you the trouble of remembering when the payments are due.


Heads in squaresA statement of your account showing all the amounts paid in and drawn out will be sent to you regularly whenever you want it. This way, you always know just where you stand with your money. There are many other services which the Bank can provide. For example. Deposit and Savings Accounts where your surplus money will earn good interest; Travellers' Cheques when you go on holiday at home or abroad—as good as cash but so much safer; safe-keeping of valuables; and advice on Income Tax, to name just a few. Our booklet called 'Everyone needs a Bank Account', explains them in more detail and there are other detailed leaflets on individual services, all of them available free at your local branch of Martins.




All your dealings with Martins Bank would be conducted on a confidential basis. Details of your account will not be divulged to anyone - not even a relative, without authority. Why not call in and talk things over soon at your local branch?