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The new Lewis’s Department Store opens in Bristol in 1957, and benefits from being one of the few stores in the chain to have the Lewis’s Bank Branch purpose-built within.  When Martins Bank Magazine comes to call at the end of 1960, the “newness” is not lost on them, and they heap praise on this latest brick in the Martins Bank empire. We also have a glimpse of the children’s counter, one of those unique features of banking at Lewis’s which also includes the payment of credit interest on current accounts.

Our second feature concerns the arrival IN STORE  late in 1962, of an army tank(!)…

1960 04 MBM.jpgBristol Counter 1960 MBM-Wi60P12.jpgWhat a pleasure it was to visit the branch of Lewis's Bank Ltd., in the new store in the Haymarket. In commenting on our visit to this branch on October 18th we find it hard to resist the temptation of becoming lyrical about the fine new store itself, the best, in our opinion, of any of them. We will confine ourselves to mentioning the attractive roof garden and cafe, where, in summer weather, tables are set out of doors, continental fashion, and from an observation platform above there is unfolded on every hand a magnificent view of the city.

Bristol Staff 1960 MBM-Wi60P12.jpgThe bank itself is comparable in the beauty of its fittings, lighting and general planning with any of the planning with any of the new branches of Martins Bank and this is one of the branches of Lewis's Bank which has adequate space for its business and does not give the impression of being squeezed into a corner, and bursting at the seams. The Children's Counter is secluded and at the same time, welcoming.  The Manager is Mr. E. J. Yates who, after a period of service in the R.A.F. from 1947, commenced his banking career in Lewis's Bank, Manchester in 1950. He became Manager at Hanley in 1954 and opened the Bristol branch in 1957 when the new store was opened.  Miss E. A. Chenery (Mrs. Clark, pictured above) has been in the branch since the beginning.


Bristol Children's Counter 1960 MBM-Wi60P12.jpgPrior to that she was on the staff of the Bristol Evening World. The other girl, Miss Marion Long, has also been on the staff since the branch was opened and between them the two girls staff the counter. We were interested to see Miss Long's handwriting in ledgers and on statements. It is a refreshing change these days to see clear, legible and attractive handwriting. 


The other male member of the staff is Mr. Michael Jackson who at the time of our visit had only been in the Bank a month. He has started studying for his Institute of Bankers' Examinations with commendable promptitude.  The new store is right opposite our Broadmead branch and the two branches between them strike as modern, progressive and friendly a note as any other branch of either bank.

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Tanks for the publicity…

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1962 04 MBM.jpgBranch during Army Recruitment Week Sept 1962 MBM-Wi62P60.jpgOf all the ways to get to the bank, going by TANK does seem to be a little drastic – or maybe this is the latest – somewhat over the top – way to protect the customers and the cash?   In 1962 the ubiquitous counter security screens of today are (thankfully) still to arrive,  so  just WHY does Lewis’s Bank Bristol feel the need for this amount of extra protection? Martins Bank Magazine investigates…


{The security precautions of Lewis’s Bank are probably no better than those of any other bank, despite this picture which, actually, was taken at the Bristol Branch during an Army recruiting week which was held in the Lewis’s Store from September 20th to 29th.  The vehicle is an armoured scout car belonging to the Royal Horse Guards}.

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1960 Miss E A Chenery MBM-Wi60P12.jpg

1960 Mr M Jackson MBM-Wi60P12.jpg

1960 to 1964 and from 1967 Mr E J Yates Manager MBM-Wi60P12.jpg

1964 to 1967 Mr P J Randle Managerr MBM-Au64P63.jpg

1966 Monica Dew Cashier MBM-Su66P45.jpg

Miss E A Chenery

On the Staff


Mr M Jackson

On the Staff


Miss M Long

On the Staff


Mr E (Ted) J Yates



Mr P J Randle


1964 to 1967

Miss Monica Dew



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1967 JA Kibble Manager MBM-Su67P09.jpg

Mr J A Kibble


1967 onwards




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