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Whilst under the ownership of Martins Bank Limited, Lewis’s Bank continues to run as a separate business, and as such has its own board of directors.  Where this arrangement differs slightly from that ofMartins own structure of district boards, is in the number of directors who have or are actually also serving as staff of Lewis’s.  The images in our directors’ gallery below are from different time periods, therefore these people did not all serve at the same time. During the nine years the two Banks are run together, Martins Bank Magazine runs regular features to make the staff of Lewis’s Bank feel part of the Martins Bank “family”, and as well as showing the general staff at work and play, the Magazine also features a number of the directors and other “top brass”.  This coverage is also given to any new or retiring member of Martins’ won boards, and takes the form of a portrait photo, and a write up giving an idea of the lives and interests of the directors concerned…

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Tea, more “Tee”, and a toast…

When Mr. F. W. Hall, Assistant General Manager of Lewis's Bank, retired on December 30th, after 44 years' service, the occasion was marked by a cocktail party at Liverpool which was attended by Mrs. Hall and all ranks of the Head Office and Liverpool staffs. In proposing a toast to the future health and happiness of Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Mr. G. A. M. Lee, General Manager, warmly referred to Mr. Hall's long association with Lewis's Bank and to his previous service with Martins Bank which began in 1917 at Wyke. In 1928 Mr. Hall joined Lewis's Bank as the first Manager at Liverpool and in 1945 he was appointed Assistant General Manager. Three and a half years ago, following the take-over, he again became associated with Martins Bank. Mr. Hall received a number of gifts, including a golf bag from Mr. Lee and a portable transistor wireless set from Mr. F. W. Valentine, Superinten­dent of Branches, on behalf of the branch managers. Miss Hallam, Head Office Chief Clerk, presented a 'Tea-o-Matic' set to Mrs. Hall from the Liverpool staff. Mr. Hall responded to the toast and thanked all those present with characteristic humour and brevity. It was clear from his remarks that Caldy Golf Club, of which he has been a member for many years, will see a good deal of him when climatic conditions are more favourable for his chosen outdoor recreation. At the close of a most pleasant function, Mrs. Hall received the beautiful flowers which earlier had decorated Mr. Hall's office in honour of the occasion.






Mr F W Hall

Asst General Manager

1945 to 1962

Mr C J Holland Martin


1959 to 1960

Mr J H Keswick CMG


1960 to 1963

Mr D W Drysdale



Mr S H Leake


Retiring 1961

The Hon MAR Kayzer













Mr RAL Cohen OBE



Mr GAM Lee

Director/Gen Manager

1965 to 1967







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