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What has a Stationery Department to do with TECHNOLOGY, you ask?  A good question, but Martins’ final technological leap before merging with Barclays is to open state of the art premises at Birkenhead, which are equipped with the very latest technology for producing in-house items of stationery and publications.  A further phase of building will provide a regional stationery facility for Barclays, but as with so many other companies in the twenty-first century, stationery production and ordering is eventually outsourced.  Somewhat fittingly, nowadays this building is a huge self-storage operation, filled with boxes and boxes of people’s junk!

Stationery Department Crosses the Mersey


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1969 01.jpgkeeping the branches supplied with stationery is a mammoth task and one that was becoming increasingly difficult from the cramped Old Hall Street premises in Liverpool. The new Stationery Department building across the Mersey in Birkenhead came into operation in December and has been tailor-made for storing, packing and printing the vast range of stationery. Over 3,000 items are maintained in stock and the staff of thirty-five is kept busy dealing not only with the annual requisitions from branches but with supplementary orders which average more than fifty a day. Demand for items of stationery is uneven and fluctuations are mysteriously unpredictable; this creates the problem of keeping enough stock on hand to meet branch needs. The Department does some of its own printing and both letterpress and litho methods are used. Soon it will have the machinery for personalising cheques. Already work has begun on a second phase of the building which is expected ultimately to become a regional Stationery Department for the Barclays Group.

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1969 Looking more like a large cardboard box than a factory, is perhaps appropriate for a Stationery Department…

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Duplomat Camera 1969 MBM-Sp69P22.jpg

The Duplomat Camera

Orders Department 1969 MBM-Sp69P23.jpg

Orders Department

Vacuum Counting Machine 1969 MBM-Sp69P.jpg

Vacuum Counting Machine

Storage and Packing Bay 1969 MBM-Sp69P23.jpg

Storage and Packing Bay

Section of Printing Dept 1969 MBM-Sp69P22.jpg

Litho Print Dept 1969 MBM-Sp69P23.jpg

Staff Canteen 1969 MBM-Sp69P23.jpg

Printing Department

Litho Print Department

The Staff Canteen

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Internal Processing


Bank staff - just like customers - had their own mountain of paperwork to contend with, and at a time when computers did relatively little to lighten the load, many everyday branch processes had their own stationery to guide the staff. Martins Bank’s Stationery Departments have provided the following items to order down the years…

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172 Internal Debit Voucher.jpg

173 Internal Credit Voucher.jpg

65 Permanent Voucher for Standing Order.jpg


Image: Martins Bank Archive

Image: Martins Bank Archive

Image: Barclays Group Archives Ref 1216-2b


261 M Branch Payment Voucher (BGA).jpg

Image: Barclays Group Archives Ref 1216-2c

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105 Agency Claim Voucher.jpg

Image: Barclays Group Archives Ref 1216-2a

260 Advice of claim on cross entries account.jpg

Image: Barclays Group Archives Ref 1216-2b