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Image not available.jpgMartins Bank’s Amble Branch has a number of outlets in this part of Northumberland, and throughout most of the 1960s, the sub-Branch at Acklington RAF Station is on hand to meet the banking requirements of the officers and men who are stationed there.  The Bank opens up shop in a number of workplaces over the years, tailoring banking to the needs of employees in a number of industries, from chemical works and paper making, to a hospital, an abbatoir and of course, TWO RAF Stations.  


Our friends at Barclays tell us that unfortunately they have no photographic record of the Branch, and that nowadays the site is occupied by HM Prison Service. If therefore you have memories or images of our Branch at RAF Acklington, please do get in touch with us at the usual address - .  Someone who has done just that, is Jim Scott who remembers well working at Amble’s various sub Branches in the 1960s.  We apologise for the rather grainy image of Jim, whose recollections of working at the Amble sub-Branches, inclusing RAF Acklington, are shown below:

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Amble1965 Mr R J Scott MBM-Au65P14.jpg“We used a mini van from Amble to visit the sub Branches at Warkworth, Red Row and RAF Acklington. I drove, with a pensioner as Guard, and a case with the cash stationery and rubber stamps!   The Bank was housed in a row of wooden RAF Huts. It had room for customers to wait, a chair for the guard, and a small counter for me to stand behind - quite adequate!  Transactions were basic, mainly cashing cheques for everyone without any need for ID.  They simply handed over their cheque, signed an exchange slip, and I gave them the cash.  There was always a queue of all ranks but the CO always came to the front when he arrived and was served amongst a background of saluting and feet stamping! The RAF were training our Allies in Jets at this time and the cheques cashed had colourful names from many different parts of the World.  We never had any problem with returned cheques as of course every officer was a gentleman!”

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Index No and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-20-00 Acklington RAF Station

Sub to 11-20-00 Amble

RAF Station Acklington Northumberland

302 North Eastern

Thursday 10am to 2pm

No Saturday Service

Red Row 241

No Nightsafe

Mr J D Surtees Manager (Amble)

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Opened by Martins Bank Limited


Building now part of HM Prison Acklington

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