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At the entrance to Clarence Park in Bury is a large rock, said to have arrived there through the actions of ice age glaciers.  This area of Bury was once known as Fleet Street, indeed Martins’ Branch at 1 The Rock was known in its days as a branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank as Bury Fleet Street Branch. The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank Manager at that time was Mr P G Gow, with Mr W A Brown acting as sub manager. 

In the 1960s, Martins Bank has four branches in the Bury, the main office is found at 26 SILVER STREET, with sub branches at TOTTINGTON, and of course The Rock.  A separate branch is located at Bury Bridge, ELTON.   The Rock makes it through the merger with Barclays, although the building is nowadays home to an insurance company. Nevertheless, Barclays still has a link with this part of Bury with a branch situated nearby at 1 Central Street, The Rock.


Branch Images © Barclays Ref 30-0495

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1937 to 1955 Miss J A Lord joined the bank here MBM-Su69P61.jpg

1938 to 1954 Mr Robert Hamer Clerk in Charge MBM-Sp54P51.jpg

1962 to 1968 Mr G Farrow clerk in Charge MBM-Su68P12.jpg

1968 Mr A Blackshaw Clerk in Charge MBM-Su68P12.jpg

BW Logo

BW Logo

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Miss J A Lord

Joined the Bank Here

1937 to 1955

Mr Robert Hamer

Clerk in Charge

1938 to 1954

Mr G Farrow

Clerk in Charge

1962 to 1968

Mr A Blackshaw

Clerk in Charge

1968 onwards







Index Number and District:






11-22-70 Bury The Rock

Self remitting Sub to 11-39-20 Bury

1 The Rock Bury Lancashire

795 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

061 764 2140

Night Safe

Mr A Blackshaw Clerk in Charge

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Pre 1922


3 February 1969


The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Closed and moved Barclays Bank Limited 20-16-09 Bury the Rock

Insurance Broker

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