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Carlisle and Cumberland Bank

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Opened in 1898, the branch at Botchergate is one of two branches of the Carlisle and Cumberland Bank that have come to Martins through amalgamation in 1911.  The offices at 33 ENGLISH STREET and at 147 Botchergate are run as two separate full Branches of the Bank, providing Martins’ extremely helpful service to two distinct parts of the City of Carlisle.

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For our feature we go back to the Winter of 1966, when  a very special member of the Botchergate staff retires.   Mr J A P Johnstone, Manager since 1960, is named “The Farmers’ Banker” by the Cumberland News, reflecting the high esteem in which he is held by agricultural customers …


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1966 04 MBM.jpg1966 Mr J A P Johnstone (Retiring) Manager MBM-Wi66P59.jpgthe cumberland news chose The Farmers' Banker as a headline to mark the retirement in October of Mr J. A. P. Johnstone after seven years as Manager of Botchergate branch: this heading, over his photograph taken in the cattle market adjoining the office, was well chosen for few managers have been more highly regarded and many customers of this farming branch called during his last weeks to express thanks for the kindly but firm way he had helped them. Mr Johnstone took leave of his many friends at a sherry party at the Red Lion Hotel on October 26 when the Assistant District Manager presented a transistor radio on behalf of friends and conveyed his own and the Bank's good wishes and thanks.

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1960s Blank Cheque Book Carlisle Botchergate.jpgWe were reminded that, though born in Scotland, Mr Johnstone began his service at Head Office but spent most of his banking life at Longtown and Carlisle and had been Pro Manager at Carlisle branch for six years before going to Botchergate. Mrs Johnstone, who had herself arranged the floral decora­tions in the room, received a bouquet from Miss Anne McCormack. Two days later Mr and Mrs Johnstone, with three of their sons and their wives, entertained the Botchergate staff at a family dinner party at the Crown Hotel, Wetheral. They will visit their fourth son in New Zealand next year.

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Despite having been closed down in 1975, Botchergate retains its unmistakable looks as a Bank more than forty years later... In the absence of a contemporary photo of the Branch, we are greatful for this image from  Google® Street View.

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1935 to 1960 Mr G W Iveson Manager MBM-Sp60P47.jpg

1939 Mr F E Burnett MBM-Wi64P07.jpg

1939 to 1942 Mr J M Varty joined the bank here MBM-Au65P05.jpg

1960 to 1966 Mr J A P Johnstone (Retiring) Manager MBM-Wi66P59.jpg

1966 Mr HV Jobling Manager MBM-Wi66P02.jpg

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Mr G W Iveson


1935 to 1960

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11-99-00 Carlisle Botchergate

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147 Botchergate Carlisle Cumberland

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Mr H V Jobling Manager

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