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Martins Bank 1928+

In Service: 1947 until 21 November 1969

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Image © Barclays Ref 0030/1089

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Martins Bank has two Trustee and Investment Departments in London.  The older of the  two is known as London City, and is based at London Cocks Biddulph Branch (16 Whitehall) until 1952 when it moves to 80 Gracechurch Street, which is home not only to a Branch of Martins Bank, but also to the Bank’s London Chief Overseas Department. News about Martins various Trustee and investment Offices is quite hard to come by in Martins Bank Magazine, and we have yet to find any reference to London City or West end Trustee Departments. 

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With the acquisition of Unicorn Scan No534Unit Trusts in 1967, the departments are re-branched simply as Trust Company.  It is also a memorable year for two members of staff at London City Trust Company – Margaret Perks and Eileen Muckle become appointed members of the Bank’s Staff, both being promoted to the role of Trust Controller.  Margaret stays in London and Eileen moves to Bristol.  The promotion of these women makes the national headlines and the story appears in The Daily Sketch. 

The achievement of getting on so well in male dominated profession is however slightly dumbed down at the start of the piece, by an unnecessary reference to her looks…

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Eileen is ‘second man’ at the bank

{Newly arrived in Bristol is attractive Miss Eileen Muckle, who has a particular distinction in the banking world.  Martins Bank Limited have only two Trust Controllers throughout their organisation, and Miss Muckle is one of them.  The other is Miss Margaret Perks, with whom she has worked in the London City Trustee Department for three years.  Both were promoted at the same time, Miss Perks staying on at London, and Miss Muckle coming to the Bristol Office of Martins Executor and Trustee Department.  “It means I am the Second Man, or Assistant Manager”, she explained.}  {She graduated from Durham University with a law degree, and was committee member of the Tyneside Ulster Association. She was also a founder member and Secretary of the North of England Medico-Legal Society.}

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Image and Text © Daily Sketch and successors, July 1967


Examination Success…

In the examinations following the 1968 Gilbart Lectures on Banking, Miss E B Goulstine LL.B (London (City) Trustee) achieved a Class I Certificate of Honour.






Mr H L Roberts


1947 to 1968

Mr S C Jackson


1948 to 1961

Miss Margaret Perks

Staff 1959 to 1967

Trust Controller 1967

Mr G S Cottier

Assistant Manager

1961 to 1963

Mr A J K Moss


1961 to 1968

Mr M S Williams

Assistant Manager 1963

Manager 1968











Miss Eileen Muckle

On the Staff

1964 to 1967

Mr B J Cain

Investment Controller


Mr A A D Philips

Assistant Manager


Mr J M East

On the Staff




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Telephone Number:


Martins Bank Trust Company Limited

London City Trustee and Investment Department

80 Gracechurch Street London EC3

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

No Saturday opening

01 626 6568

Mr A J K Moss Manager


Liverpool Woolton Road



12 December 1969

Opened by Martins Bank Limited at 68 Lombard Street London

Moved to 80 Gracechurch Street

Absorbed into Barclays Bank Trust Company Limited

London West End Trustee & Investment


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