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Brighouse is one of the oldest Branches of Martins Bank, having been in continual use since being opened by the Halifax Commercial Bank in 1863, right through to being closed by Barclays on 5 June 2020. Some of the images of Brighouse shown on this page are taken from postcards, and we would like to thank Julian Williams for finding them for us.  It did seem unusual to us that three postcards were actually produced, between the 1930s and the 1960s.

In Service: 8 November 1863 until 5 June 2020

1950 s Brighouse Exterior PCCP Closest Julian Williams.jpg

Image ©  Lilywhite Ltd., Brighouse Yorkshire and successors

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Perhaps, as the postcard company was once itself based in Brighouse, they might have banked with Martins?  Putting the two images below side by side, you can see that the view in front of the town hall and Martins Bank changes quite a lot, and these two views along with that shown above (right) show the subtle changes that went on around the Branch over the decades…

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Images Above © Lilywhite Ltd (Brighouse) and successors

By the 1960s a roundabout and traffic islands have been built, replacing the mini-roundabout and standing street signs that went before. Martins Bank’s branch at Brighouse certainly does seem to have been a popular subject for photographs, and in July 2020 we were contacted by Chris Helme, a retired policeman from Lightcliffe West Yorkshire, who now writes and publishes a quarterly local history magazine BRIGHOUSE & DISTRICT HERITAGE NEWSEUM. Chris sent us this wonderful image of Thornton Square, circa 1930, with the Bank on the right hand side, looking very grand indeed!

Image © 1930 Martins Bank Archive Collections – Chris Helme

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During yet another of Martins Bank Magazine’s flying visits to Yorkshire in 1966, do the editorial staff find themselves “up a nick in Briggate” (As an old Yorkshire saying apparently has it)?  No, they actually find that all stereotypes of a “grim up North” existence are shattered by a swinging new addition to the town…

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Brighouse a-go-go?

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1966 02 MBM.jpgOn the first Tuesday in April we called at Brighouse where the branch takes a bit of finding if one is persistently directed to it by a well-meaning customer of one of our rivals.  Thus we arrived late, and though Mr Ingham was away on holiday, we spent an enjoyable twenty minutes with Mr Wood and a young staff who gave us as good as they got.  We had better say now that Brighouse turns in a nice fat profit, and deal with carpets, spinning and doubling, valve manufacture and brandy snaps.  Lest readers imagine that the Calder Valley is all grit and greyness Brighouse has just opened a night club…

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 Branch Images ©  Barclays Ref 0030/0391


1932 August - Brighouse Cheque - Stephen Walker MBA

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This lovely example of a Brighouse Cheque is from August 1932, and part of the extensive collection of Martins Bank vouchers that belongs to friend of the Archive, Stephen Walker.  He also provided the image below, a rare example of a paying slip slip for the Halifax Commercial Banking Company Ltd, Brighouse Branch, from the 1910s…

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Call the grammar police!

In the days of bartering, when you could pay using sheep, or pebbles, life was much simpler. Yet a careful look at this paying in slip might give the impression that you pay in cheques made from Scotch Whiskey? – The word Scotch is used here of course to mean “Scottish” – a mistake still made today, more than 100 years on.  Our apologies to Scots people everywhere!  Note too the rather alarming column headed “Poo’s” refers, you will be glad to know, to nothing worse than Postal Orders!  This apparent Yorkshire disregard for the sensitivities of the Scots, and the common misuse of the apostrophe to indicate quantity, makes for a bank that obviously “says what it likes, and likes what it says”…


1905 to 1910 Mr J Halliday MBM-Sp48P10.jpg

1908 Mr P B Walton Joined the service here MBM-Au52P54.jpg

1910 to 1923 Mr E V Fielding MBM-Au54P47.jpg

1912 to 1915 Mr J C Wood joined the bank here MBM-Au56P49.jpg

1927 to 1929 joined  then from 1965 Mr R Ingham Manager MBM-Su65P03.jpg

1940 to 1942 Mr E Goodaire joined the bank here MBM-Wi67P02.jpg






Mr J Halliday

On the Staff

1905 to 1910

Mr P B Walton

Joined the Bank Here


Mr E V Fielding

On the Staff

1910 to 1923

Mr J C Wood

Joined the Bank Here

1912 to 1925

Mr R Ingham Joined here 1927-29 then Manager 1965 onwards

Mr E Goodaire

Joined the Bank Here

1940 to 1942






1943 to 1954 Mr J S Holgate Manager MBM-Wi54P47.jpg

1945 to 1948 Mr A Mitchell Pro Manager MBM-Su59P54.jpg

1954 to 1965 Mr E Hinchcliffe Manager MBM-Su65P55.jpg

1966 Miss C P C Fairbrother MBM-Su66P23.jpg

1966 Mr R Wood MBM-Su66P23.jpg






Mr J S Holgate


1943 to 1954

Mr A Mitchell

Pro Manager

1945 to 1948

Mr E Hinchcliffe


1954 to 1965

Miss C P C Fairbrother

On the Staff


Mr R Wood

On the Staff


Miss M Dwight

On the Staff







1966 Miss W Bancroft MBM-Su66P23.jpg

1966 Mr H Atkinson MBM-Su66P23.jpg






Miss W Bancroft

On the Staff


Mr H Atkinson

On the Staff









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Index Number and District:






11-13-29 Brighouse

Full Branch

21 Briggate Brighouse Yorkshire

601 Leeds

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Brighouse 2940

Nightsafe Installed

R Ingham Manager

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Brierley Hill

8 November 1863

16 January 1920

3 January1928

15 December 1969

5 June 2020

Opened by the Halifax Commercial Bank

The Bank of Liverpool and Martins Limited

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-12-51 Brighouse Briggate

Closed permanently from 12 noon

Brighton 26 North Street



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