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Martins Bank opens its first branch in Brighton in the Royal insurance Building at 163 North Street on 21 April 1936, and the business grows steadily to the point where it becomes necessary to establish purpose-built premises a little nearer to the town centre.On 6 March 1957, a new Branch is opened in The Lanes shopping area. We are indebted to former Martins Staff Member and friend of the Archive Dave Baldwin for another of his �then and now� series of photographs of Martins Branches.

In Service: 6 March 1957 until 13 May 1983

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Branch Images � Barclays Ref: 0030-0395


This colour image of 26 North Street was taken in January 2014.A month or two after being opened for the first time, the Branch is visited by Martins Bank Magazine, who want to see how things are shaping up. This feature comes from the series �more pages from the diary of a mobile Banker�, which along with �visits to the family�, encompasses visits to more than one hundred and sixty of the Bank�s Branches between 1946 and 1969�

A new Branch down The Lanes�

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1957 03 MBM.jpgBrighton Rock, the Brighton Belle, Roedean, the Regency Pavilion, Genevieve, the London to Brighton walking race�no shortage of famous associations here, but the visitor by train should be warned that the approach from the railway station is disappointing, mediocre and trippery. This is the Via Mala of the Bank Holiday visitor, no more characteristic of the place than of any other seaside resort, the Brighton fish and chip shops, the gaudy displays of pink rock, postcards, spades, and buckets and all the other paraphernalia of a popular seaside town. But the approach by road is quite different.

1950 Brighton Exterior 2 BGA Ref 30-395This is the Brighton of Regency days, of houses and terraces and crescents built in the famous architectural manner which, dubbed �Regency� is forever associated with not only a period of our history but with a way of life which has gone for ever. The famous Pavilion, with its fantastic domes, a cross between a mosque and the palace of a sultan�much criticised by architectural authorities on all kinds of grounds, aesthetic and otherwise�is as much a part of the Brighton tradition as is the Tower to Blackpool, and each in its own way gives character and attraction, distinction and, yes, charm to what would otherwise be miles of glaring concrete promenade, undistinguished hotels and boarding houses, and the other garish associations of the English seaside resort.


But Brighton has quality too. Its antique shops in narrow streets, strongly reminiscent of the Venetian calle, are, when found, a constant delight to the visitor. You need to know your way about Brighton, where to eat, where to shop, and where to stay, in order to get the maximum pleasure from a visit.Banking is a formidable in�dustry in Brighton and the pres�ence of over seventy branches of the big banks is indicative of the money in the town and of the business connected with it.We have had a branch there since before the last war and so well has it nourished that a move has now been made into more com�modious premises and we have erected a fine modern building, with office accommodation on the floors above, further along the same street.

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1957 Brighton staff MBM-Au57P25.jpgThe contemporary trend in the architecture of our new branches has again been followed. The Manager's room, for example, has a red ceiling, pastel blue walls and a mustard-coloured carpet. In the main office, heated through the ceiling, rich walnut panelling, sound-proof walls and concealed lighting combine to create the impression that this is an institution which keeps abreast of the times. Good taste has been observed throughout. We visited the old office in 1952, unofficially, and made a promise then that we would pay them an official visit in due course. Our visit on May 23rd redeemed that promise. Mr. S. E. Pearman is the present manager and Brighton is his fourth managership. He entered the Bank in 1919 at Lombard Street and after serving subsequently at Bromley, Orpington, Baker Street and Sidcup, he was appointed Manager at Eltham in 1935. In 1939 he went to Bexhill-on-Sea and in 1940 to London District Office. After a brief spell at Baker Street again, in 1941, he was appointed Manager at Orpington and in 1946 was promoted to be Manager at Croydon. His appointment to Brighton came in 1949. His second-in-command, signing Pro Manager, is Mr. A. F. Sharp, who entered the Bank as a University graduate in 1950 and, prior to his present appointment, served at various branches in the London District. He was appointed to Brighton last year. We were very pleased indeed to be able to express our regrets to him personally for the un�fortunate substitution of photo�graphs which occurred in the Magazine when we publicised one of his major scholastic successes in the Institute of Bankers' examinations.

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1950 Brighton Interior BGA Ref 30-395

There is a staff of twelve at Brighton and all were present on the day of our visit except Miss A. J. Aukett, who was on holiday. We were sorry to miss her as we hear that she is something of an athlete and specialises in swimming in the sea at Brighton from one pier to the other on a cold morning! There are five girls, all local products, and all obviously hand-picked: Miss M. R. Methven, Miss M. Lancashire, Miss B. A. Whittaker and Miss P. Hill make up the rest of the team. The Brighton belles indeed! Their remaining male colleagues are Messrs. J. F. Anderson, B. C. Branwell, A. F. Hill, K. M. Greene and D. J. Adams. After lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Pearman at the famous �English's� restaurant, where all kinds of sea food are exclusively served, we made our somewhat tortuous way back to the office, via the crooked streets of antique shops.

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The idle thought crossed our mind, no doubt due to the excellent lunch, that English is indeed a very difficult language to learn. We had crossed the Downs that morning on our way from London, but surely, correctly speaking, the �Downs� should be �Ups�? At the conclusion of our visit we went out to tea at Mr. Pearman's new home in a beautiful, though windswept spot on the edge of the Downs overlooking the sea, with Roedean school in its lovely setting close enough for Mr. and Mrs. Pearman to hear the girls singing in the school chapel when the wind is in the right direction. And as we stood there, we saw the steamer from Dieppe making its way towards Newhaven harbour and on the skyline coastwise commerce could be seen steaming in the Channel.

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Martins Bank places great emphasis on any public service undertaken by its staff. The young are offered outward bound courses to �develop character�, and those in Management positions and who are of some standing in their community can often be found chairing any number of local council committees, taking on the duty of treasurer of endless sporting or horticultural clubs, or raising serious cash for charity. There are probably hundreds of Martins staff involved in Masonic activities, but Mr K F Carlisle, Manager at Brighton from 1962 to 1969 is a member of much less secretive organisation! In 1967 he is chosen to be President of his Local Lions Club, an event which is featured in Martins Bank Magazine with a good photo, but precious few words besides�

1967 Mr KF Carlisle Manager becomes president of Lions Club MBM-Au67P43


1967 03 MBM.jpg

Mr K F Carlisle (Manager, Brighton) receives his badge of office as the new president of Brighton Lions Club�

1957 Mr AF Hill MBM-Su67P06

1957 Miss B A Whittaker MBM-Au57P25

1957 Mr B C Bramwell MBM-Au57P25

1957 Miss M Lancashire MBM-Au57P25

1957 Mr J F Anderson MBM-Au57P25

1957 Miss M R Methven MBM-Au57P25






Mr A F Hill

On the Staff


Miss B A Whittaker

On the Staff


Mr B C Bramwell

On the Staff


Miss M Lancashire

On the Staff


Mr J F Anderson

On the Staff


Miss M R Methven

On the Staff







1957 Mr K M Greene MBM-Au57P25

1957 Miss P Hill MBM-Au57P25

1957 to 1958 A F Sharp Pro Manager MBM-Su65P08

1957 to 1958 Mr D G P West MBM-Au68P07

1957 to 1961 Mr D J Adams MBM-Au68P07

1957 to 1962 Mr S E Pearman Manager MBM-Wi62P51






Mr K M Greene

On the Staff


Miss P Hill

On the Staff


Mr A F Sharp

Pro Manager

1957 to 1958

Mr D G P West

On the Staff

1957 to 1958

Mr D J Adams

On the Staff

1957 to 1961

Mr S E Pearman


1957 to 1962






1959 to 1962 Mr D D Staunton Pro Manager MBM-Wi67P05

1961 to 1966 Mr D H Cooper MBM-Sp66P07

1962 to 1966 Mr R A Clark MBM-Sp69P11

1967 Mr KF Carlisle Manager MBM-Au67P43

1963 to 1965 Mr P Little pro Manager MBM-Sp64P07

1965 Miss J Hill Cashier MBM-Sp65P47






Mr D D Staunton

Pro Manager

1959 to 1962

Mr D H Cooper

On the Staff

1961 to 1966

Mr R A Clark

On the Staff

1962 to 1966

Mr K F Carlisle


1962 onwards

Mr P Little

Pro Manager

1963 to 1965

Miss J Hill








1965 to 1966 Mr B R Du Feu Pro Manager MBM-Au65P04

1966 to 1968 Mr B W Mayo pro Manager MBM-Wi66P04

1968 Mr TR Herbert pro Manager MBM-Wi68P09






Mr Brian R Du Feu

Pro Manager

1965 to 1966

Mr B W Mayo

Pro Manager

1966 to 1968

Mr T R Herbert

Pro Manager

1968 onwards




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North Street

139/142 North St Ttee

Dyke Road


London Road


Preston Circus

Western Road

1946 District Bank Logo from Cheque - MBAx1




North Street

North St Exor & Ttee

Seven Dials


Preston Circus

Western Road







26 North Street


North Street Branch

153 North Street Exor & Trustee

Ditchling Road


London Road


Western Road


130 St James� Street







North Street Branch

North Street Exor & Trustee

107 St James� Street



Pavillion Bldngs

Tax & Trustee

42 London Road

55 Lewes Road

86 Western Road















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Martins Bank Limited 11-15-20 Brighton

Full Branch

26 North Street Brighton 1 Sussex

435 London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Brighton 26568 / 27581

Nightsafe Installed

Mr K F Carlisle Manager




6 March 1957

15 December 1969

13 May 1983

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-12-74 Brighton 26 North Street


Brighton 163 North Street