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Bacup is an original branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank and is not alone in having a church-like appearance – many outlets inherited by Martins Bank are built on a grand scale, even the sub-Branches.  This harks back to the days when a bank was a place to feel in awe, as well as somewhere that needed to look safe and secure. 

Bacup is, alphabetically at least, first on the list of closures scheduled by the 1969 merger with Barclays, and remains open as Martins Bank until 16 February 1970. The following visit by Martins Bank Magazine to Bacup in 1951 sadly omits a listing of names from the group photograph. 

In Service: February 1876 until 16 February 1970  

Image © Barclays c.1950

However, we have identified as many as we can, and put them into our staff gallery at the end of this page. The image of Bacup shown below dates from 1922, Bacup’s Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank days, and is courtesy of the W N Townson Bequest.

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1951 01 MBM.jpgWe had to visit Rossendale to be told of the origin of the carpet slipper. This is where felt is made, as many of our readers know, and to prevent the heels of their footwear from making impressions in the felt when it was necessary for them to clamber over the bales the workers used to bind strips of it round their shoes. It was not long before they discovered that it kept their feet warm and then one man devised a felt shoe. This was all right except that it wore through quickly and so a means was invented of fixing a sole and so comfortable was the resulting shoe that the man-made pairs for his family. From this small beginning grew the slipper industry which today is one of the characteristic occupations of the Valley. Bacup is at the head of the Valley and as it takes rather a long time to reach it by train Manchester District Office arranged for us to go by car, with Mr. Southworth to guide us on this occasion, January 25th. Mr. H. Maden has been Manager of our branch there since August 1946 and his previous service has all been spent in the district, at Waterfoot, Bacup and Rawtenstall. He served with H.M. Forces from 1942 to. 1945. His daughter Barbara is on the staff of our St. James' Street branch, Burnley.


Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections


1951 Bacup Staff MBM-Sp51P51.jpgThe branch itself is somewhat ecclesiastical in appearance, with pointed windows, alcoves and niches, and if Mr. Maden had received us in his little office in clerical garb it would not have seemed at all out of place, so strongly is his little sanctum reminiscent of a vestry.  Our conversation with Mr. F. Rudman was somewhat scrappy owing to the demands of the counter. He is a veteran of the 1914-18 War and nearly all his service has been spent in the Valley. S. Walker was ill on the day of our visit and so we missed seeing him. He served in the Navy during the last War and has spent his time since his entry into the Bank in 1925 in Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Rochdale and Burnley, going to Bacup last year. We were delighted to meet two members of our 1949 Swiss Tour in Miss E. M. Law and Miss K. Hallsworth and seized the opportunity to have a very pleasant talk about that very happy time. Miss Law, who acted as Clerk-in-Charge of our Stacksteads branch during the war, has already had her photograph in the Magazine in that connection. She has been with us since 1933: Miss Hallsworth since 1941.

1913 to 1915  Mr A E Smith joined the bank here MBM-Au57P55.jpg

1930 to 1946 Mr W J D Simmonds Manager MBM-Au46P14.jpg

1952 to 1953 Mr G Guiver joined the bank here MBM-Au67P07.jpg

1953 to 1954 Mr C Halstead joined the bank here later 1958 to 1961 MBM-Su68P22.jpg

Mr A E Smith

Joined the Bank Here

1913 to 1915

Mr W J D Simmonds


1930 to 1946

Mr H Maden


1946 to 1966

Mr G Guiver

Joined the Bank here

1952 to 1953

Mr C Halstead

Joined the Bank here

1953 to 1954

Mr S Walker

On the Staff

1959 to 1969

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1963 to 196-56 Gerald Carey - John Robertshaw MBA

1966 Mr FH Foster Manager MBM-Su66P04.jpg

Mr Gerald Carey

On the staff

1961 to 1963

Mr F H Foster


1966 onwards










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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-32-00 Bacup

Full Branch 

20 Market Street Bacup  Lancashire

707 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Bacup 3207

Nightsafe Installed

Mr F H Foster Manager


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Aylesford Paper Mills

February 1876

3 January 1928

16 February 1970

Opened by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Closed and business transferred to Barclays 12 Market Street

Bamburgh (Ingram Lane)



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