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The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank opens a Branch at 4 Prospect Crescent Harrogate in 1920. This lithograph image is from 1922.  In 1928 the merger of that bank with the Bank of Liverpool and Martins takes Place, creating the modern-day Martins Bank.  Martins Bank has just the one Branch in the town until 1962, when Show and Exhibition Branch Department  opens a permanent Branch at the nearby GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOWGROUND.  Whilst there are a number of image available of the interior of Martins Bank at harrogate, we have still to find an exterior shot from the 1960s. Martins Bank Magazine pays its only visit to Harrogate in November 1950 and offers its readers the following glimpse into life at the Branch. We note there is no mention of fish and chips nor indeed of the iconic Betty’s Tea Rooms®…

1950 04 MBM.jpgOn November 14th we visited Harrogate while on our way to see the autumn production of the North-Eastern Players. We have commented from time to time about the great number of our Branches which have received visits from one or other of our chiefs and we were slightly surprised to discover that Harrogate appears to be a bit of an outpost in this respect. Maybe in a few years the cares of high office will necessitate a “cure” and the Branch will be frequented by highly-placed officials taking the waters! There are about a dozen different varieties, all separately piped and they may be sampled in the Valley Gardens and other places.

In Service: 1920 until 5 May 1978

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections

 - W N Townson Bequest

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1960 s Harrogate Interior 3 BGA Ref 30-1207

All internal Branch images on this page © Barclays Ref 0030-1207

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On the whole, we prefer coffee or tea. Mr. C. E. Adkinson, the Manager, has been at Harrogate for a very long time, nearly thirty years, in fact, but as he slyly observed, there are many worse places in which to perform one's service than Harrogate.  And it certainly is a very lovely town, a gracious town. It has breeding and tradition and beautiful shops, but then Harrogate didn't get the May blitz; in fact, only one bomb was dropped and that hit the Majestic Hotel where we made our Headquarters. At night time the town takes on all the charm of Southport's Lord Street, without the crowds. The principal streets are illuminated with strings of coloured electric lights which seem to stretch for miles. These, combined with the floodlighting of the more famous buildings, give the impression of the whole town being lit up with fairy lights.

Yet it is all tastefully done and is nowhere vulgar. To see it thus illuminated in mid-November when at 9 p.m. there is hardly anyone on the streets gave us our first feeling of the approach of the Christmas season.

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Mr. Adkinson met us at the station and we drove to his home to meet Mrs. Adkinson and have lunch before visiting the Branch. Mr. and Mrs. Adkinson became grandparents a day or two before our visit.

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Their other child is in his last year at school. There are six on the staff at Harrogate. M. Coates, ex-Medical Corps and Airborne Division, is second man. E. S. Tapper, another ex-R.A.M.C. man, appears in a photograph in the Magazine in this series of articles for the second time. We missed him when we visited York but our photographer didn't, and he has been transferred to Harrogate since our visit to York.

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1960 s Harrogate Interior 4 BGA Ref 30-1207

All internal Branch images on this page © Barclays Ref 0030/1207

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1950 Harrogate Staff MBM-Wi50P37G. T. Greenfield was one of the lucky people to participate in the Empire Air Training Scheme and stayed in Canada and U.S.A. during his period of training.  G. H. Hellewell, recently back from National Service, spent part of his time on Military Police duty in Berlin and gave us some very interesting impressions of life there and of the Russians he encountered. He was quartered near the Spandau Prison where some of the Nuremberg prisoners are confined. The only girl on the staff is Miss P. Brocklehurst who has been at Harrogate for seven years. Her work is highly spoken of and she is a charming little lady. The following morning before leaving for Newcastle we spent a couple of hours looking around.

Though frost lay on the ground the sky was blue and the sun shone brilliantly. We explored the Valley Gardens and the Woods beyond, admired " The Stray " that belt of green— secured to the inhabitants by an Act of Parliament of 1770—which completely surrounds the old town, all later building being beyond it. Harrogate is just one magnificent garden and the streets are pleasant, the architecture tasteful, and the shops a woman's paradise. It is also a wonderful centre for visiting the many places of interest nearby. We called in at the Branch again for a few minutes' chat on our way to the station and took away with us the impression of a happy staff and a well-run Branch.

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We rarely get to see much of the back offices of Martins Bank’s Branches, but luckily for us, the photographer has gone to town at Harrogate.  The first two photographs below show the back office in the 1960s, following a refurbishment.  The two images below that, show how things looked originally.  Funny really, but in these times when we yearn for all things nostalgic, the older layout seems much warmer and more friendly than the new one…

1960 s Harrogate Interior 1 BGA Ref 30-1207

1960 s Harrogate Interior 2 BGA Ref 30-1207

All internal Branch images on this page © Barclays Ref 0030/1207

1960 s Harrogate Interior 5 BGA Ref 30-1207

1960 s Harrogate Interior 6 BGA Ref 30-1207

Let’s Party like it’s 1969…

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Time and tide wait for no-one, so if you want to say goodbye to someone or something special, you need to take action before the moment is gone! The merger with Barclays is almost complete, and the staff of 4 Prospect Crescent Harrogate enjoy one last drink together before everything changes forever…

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From left to right:


John Riddle, Rosalind Rowe

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Trewhitt

Ben Trewhitt (Manager)

Julian Taylor  (Pro Manager)

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Our thanks to Julian Taylor for this photograph, and his help in naming the assembled staff. it certainly looks as if everyone was having a good time!

Image Courtesy Julian Taylor

1926 to 1929 Mr A Robinson Sub Manager MBM-Au52P51

1932 to 1952 Mr C E Adkinson Manager MBM-Au52P55

1937 to 1940 Mr A W J Roberts joined the bank here MBM-Sp68P04

1941 to 1943 approx Mr W H Young MBM-Au62P51

1943 Miss P Brocklehurst Joined the Bank Here MBM-Wi50P37






Mr A Robinson

Sun Manager

1926 to 1929

Mr C E Adkinson


1932 to 1952

Mr A W J Roberts

Joined the Bank Here

1937 to 1940

Mr W H Young

On the Staff

1941 to 1943

Miss P Brocklehurst

Joined the Bank Here


Mr G T Greenfield

On the staff

1949 to 1952







1952 to 1967 Mr H T Bartrop Manager MBM-Su67P54






Mr G H Hellewell

On the Staff

1950 to 1954

Mr H T Bartrop


1952 to 1967

Mr Ben Trewhitt


1967 onwards

John Riddle

On the Staff


Julian Taylor

Branch Second


Rosalind Rowe

On the Staff

















4 Prospect Crescent

Great Yorkshire Showground


Harrogate Branch

138 Skipton Road


3 Cambridge Crescent

4 Cambridge Crescent – Trustee

Leeds Road




















Index Number and District:






11-35-40 Harrogate

Full Branch

4 Prospect Crescent Harrogate Yorkshire

630 Leeds

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Harrogate 2500

Nightsafe Installed

Mr B Trewhitt Manager

Harrogate Oxford Street



15 December 1969

5 May 1978

Opened by Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-37-14 Harrogate Prospect Crescent


Hartlepool Church Street



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