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Martins Bank consolidates its position in North Wales, with addition of a branch at Bangor in 1963.

Although not heralded in the first advertisement as a temporary office, Garth Road is open for just under one year. During that time, permanent premises are fitted out at 273 High Street, and Mr Howell-Jones can get on with building a customer base for the new branch.

In Service: 6 June 1963 until moved to 273 High Street 23 May 1964

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Martins Bank Magazine visits the Garth Street premises not long after the branch opens for business for the first time, commenting that the temporary branch and the new branch are little more than 100 yards apart from each other. The article is published in the Autumn 1963 edition of the magazine, and in it, we get to meet mr Howell-Jones and his staff for the first time…

“Education hungry peasants and tradesmen”…


Description automatically generatedTo most of us, the mention of Bangor brings to mind Telford's Suspension Bridge on the A5 to Anglesey and summer holidays. To many it is a Welsh market town between historic Caernarvon and Conway, yet few realise that Bangor, with a population of a mere 14,000, is a city with a cathedral founded early in the sixth century only to be destroyed and rebuilt through­out the chequered history of Wales. Bangor's civic status is enhanced by the academic atmosphere of the University College of North Wales – the ‘College on the Hill’ – built only eighty years ago with money from education-hungry peasants and tradesmen. Not surprisingly, therefore, Bangor is proud of what it has done and of what it is doing to-day. It already has a museum, a technical college and a civic centre, but space is Bangor's main difficulty. Lying between the Menai Straits and the moun­tains of Snowdonia, there is little room for expansion and the narrow High Street is already a problem but rebuilding has started. It is in the High Street on a site which is at present a maze of steel girders that our permanent branch is taking shape; for the present, we have a most attractive temporary office less than one hundred yards away, which is a revelation of what can be done in a very short time.

Mr H. B. Howell Jones arrived in Bangor on 23rd May  to open our new branch, as Manager, on 6th June. He found the shell of a shop in a new building, some scantling and two safes. There were no lights, no telephone, no conduits, but there were some contractors and there was only a fortnight to opening day with the Whitsun holiday intervening. The branch opened on time and our manager’s modesty when questioned about events in that memorable fortnight is best summed up in Thackeray's words: 'Although I enter not, Yet round about the spot Oft times I hover.' It was, in fact, all rather hair-raising but it is quite possible that Mr Howell Jones has in recent years consoled himself with the many soporific references to 'everything coming to those who wait.' He may, therefore, have been prepared for everything coming at once when things really began to happen. Almost within a year he has married, bought a new house at Llanfairfechan, become a father, been elected a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, received his first mana­gerial appointment and, of course, opened a new branch. We hope he will now have time to consolidate his position but, meanwhile, his many friends will be glad to know that his urbanity and charm have not suffered as a result of his recent experiences. Entering the Bank in 1928 at Manchester Office, Mr Howell Jones worked in the Manchester District until he moved to Rhyl in 1939. In 1946 he went to Colwyn Bay where, since 1955, he had been deputy to the manager. He attended the Domestic Training Scheme in 1960-61 and last year was Chairman of the North Wales (East) Area of the Institute of Bankers. His interests range from debating and foreign travel to ski-ing and climbing and as he is also Welsh speaking, we can look forward confidently to the success of the new branch.

Mr D. W. S. Parry, who came from Wrexham to occupy the second position also speaks Welsh. He entered the Bank in 1947 at Wrexham and all his service has been spent there and at Chester and Hoole branches with two periods on relief.  He has already found a bungalow at Benllech, in Anglesey, to which his family has moved, so his energy and ability will have full scope in helping to build the new business. Mr Colin Jones, a native of Wrexham, entered the service at Oswestry in 1961, moving to Chester last year. He has somehow managed to find accommodation in Bangor which is no easy task in view of the competition from the University for suitable lodgings and is making the most of the oppor­tunities to learn as the new business grows. The young lady member of the staff, Miss L. A. Bowles, was unhappily away from the office as the result of a very nasty road accident but she was back at home after a spell in hospital and we were very ready to agree when Mr Howell Jones suggested that arrangements for the photograph of the staff might be deferred until she was sufficiently well to travel from her home beyond Caernarvon. By the time this Magazine is published, we hope Miss Bowles will be back in the team of enthusiastic pioneers at Bangor.

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Miss L A Bowles

On the staff


Mr C Jones

On the staff


Mr D W S Parry

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Mr H B Howell-Jones









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Martins Bank Limited 11-36-00 Bangor

Temporary Branch

Garth Road Bangor Caernarvonshire

98 Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Bangor 2088

Counter Only

H B Howell-Jones Manager

Banbury Cattle Market

Thursday 6 June 1963

Saturday 23 May 1964

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Closed and moved to 273 High Street

Bangor 273 High Street



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