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Eanam is an original sub-Branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. It is opened some time before 1922 and comes to Martins Bank through the amalgamation in 1928 of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank with the Bank of Liverpool and Martins Ltd. The familiar corner aspect is favoured by banks in particular as a sign of strength, and as a way of having a presence in TWO streets at the same time! So here, on the corner of Copy Nook and Eden Street, is one of four Martins Bank sub-Branches to Blackburn that have existed over the years. Eanam opens for the full six day banking week until the merger with Barclays by which time the unions had successfully quoshed the practice of Saturday.  The Branch lasts into the twenty-first century, being closed  in July 2014.

In service: Pre 1922 – 25 July 2014

1960 s Eanam Exterior BGA Ref 30-868

All Branch Images on this page © Barclays Ref 0030-0868 and 0030-0275

Flashes of brilliance…

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1970 David Barker Full Picture DOB.jpgMr J E Barker is a senior cashier at Eanam Branch until he retires in the Autumn of 1964.  He is one of a small number of keen amateur photographers who have their  work exhibited regularly within the pages of Martins Bank Magazine. That the majority are printed in colour says much about the standard of these photographs, as the process of printing pages of the magazine in colour is still relatively expensive in the 1960s.  Mr Barker is widely travelled, and his photos reflect ordinary life in a number of locations at home and abroad. The picture of Mr Barker himself (shown left) has been kindly supplied by our good friend David Baxter.   Although Mr Barker retires at the end of October 1964, his photographs continue to feature in the Magazine for several more years.  The following tribute to Mr Barker is published in Martins Bank Magaine in the Winter of 1964.

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1964 04 MBM.jpgAt the end of October, for reasons of ill health, Mr Barker retired from Eanam Branch.  Earlier in the month he and Mrs Barker had  entertained his colleagues to dinner at the White Bull Hotel, Blackburn, where the informal evening began with the presentation of a bouquet to Mrs Barker by Miss C M Holden.   After dinner, Mr J W Hoyle (Manager, Eanam) handed Mr Barker a gift voucher on behalf of subscribers with good wishes for a long and happy retirement.   Mr Barker, in a few words of thanks addressed each member of the staff individually and added that their gift would be used to buy photographic equipment.  Mr Barker’s capabilities in the photographic field are well known to readers of the Magazine, where examples of his colour work appear regularly. 

“Iron Curtain Innocence”

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections - J E Barker 1966

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He entered the Bank at Blackburn in 1927 and, apart from a short spell at Reading Branch and in London District Office in 1941-, and five-years’ war service, the whole of his career was spent in Manchester District branches.  He returned to Eanam for the second time in 1963.

1960 s Eanam Interior 1 BGA Ref 30-275

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In 1969 Mr Foster, Manager of Eanam for six years also retires due to ill-health. We hope sincerely, that this method of leaving the Bank was the exception, rather than the rule at Eanam…

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1969 03 MBM.jpg1963 to 1969 Mr J W Hoyle Manager MBM-Au69P59.jpgmore than forty guests, including Mr N. E. Foster, were at the Waterloo Hotel, Blackburn, on May 29 to wish Mr Hoyle well in his retirement and a speedy recovery of his health.  Mr M. D. Parker (second-in command, Eanam) presented a pair of binoculars and Mrs Hoyle received a bouquet from Miss J. Monk. Thanking all who had subscribed to the gift, Mr Hoyle recalled his early days in the Bank when his task was to light the gas lamps, and how his superior suddenly developed deafness when the first telephone was installed in order to avoid using it.  He thought possibly his reaction would be similar if he were staying on to meet the many new developments rapidly taking place.  Mr Hoyle's 43 years' service were all spent in Manchester District, with the exception of four years with H.M. Forces. He was appointed Pro Manager at Rochdale in 1952, Manager at Hulme in 1958 and at Eanam five years later.


1923 to 1926 Mr L R Tomlinson MBM-Wi52P48.jpg

1925 Mr J Clegg joined the bank here MBM-Wi68P54.jpg

1938 to 1952 Mr F Haslam Manager MBM-Wi52P47.jpg

1949 to 1950 Mr P M Houldsworth MBM-Wi63P08.jpg

1951 to 1953 Mr A Blackshaw joined the bank here MBM-Su68P12.jpg

1958 to 1960 Mr R S Hilton joined the bank here MBM-Sp68P07.jpg






Mr L R Tomlinson

On the Staff

1923 to 1926

Mr J Clegg

Joined the Bank Here


Mr F Haslam


1938 to 1952

Mr P M Houldsworth

On the Staff

1949 to 1950

Mr A Blackshaw

Joined the Bank Here

1951 to 1953

Mr R S Hilton

Joined the Bank Here

1958 to 1960

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1963 to 1969 Mr J W Hoyle Manager MBM-Au69P59.jpg

1970 David Barker DOB.jpg

1969 Mr K O Walmsley Manager MBM-Au69P10.jpg







Mr J W Hoyle


1963 to 1969

Mr J E Barker

On the Staff

1963  to 1964

Mr K O Walmsley


1969 onwards




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Index Number and District:






11-47-30 Blackburn Eanam

Full Branch

6 Copy Nook Eanam Blackburn Lancashire

730 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Blackburn 51975

Nightsafe Installed

Mr K O Walmsley Manager



Durham University

Pre 1922

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

 Friday 25 July 2014

Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-09-74 Blackburn Eanam

Closed Permanently from 12 noon