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Elland opens in 1883 and is an original branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, which merges with the Bank of Liverpool and Martins in 1928.   Evidence of Martins Bank and its history can still be found all over England and Wales, often through the ornate carvings of the crests or coats of arms of the various constiuent banks, which have been left behind on buildings that have long since ceased to be banks. This reminds us of the role they once played in the life of the local community. Elland remained open until July 2017 and the crest of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank is displayed proudly in the stonework above the door, more than 120 years after the branch first opened.

In Service: 27 September 1883 until Friday 7 July 2017

Image ca. 1940 © Barclays Ref 0030-0925

1922 Elland Branch Exterior as L & Y Bank PA.jpg

Together with its sub branches at Greetland and Stainland, Elland is visited in an article entitled “SPRING IN THE CALDER VALLEY WAS A LITTLE LATE THIS YEAR” published in 1966, by Martins Bank Magazine. They spend several days trekking across an area of West Yorkshire visiting a network of local branches that actually belongs to the Bank’s Manchester District.  This is due not least to the complicated series of mergers and acquisitions that took place in the North of England resulting in Martins dominence there. We also feature on this page an article about the success of Miss J Holroyd of Elland Branch, who comes to prominence in the early sixties, when she swims for the Bank…

1966 02 MBM.jpgElland was reached by a bumpy ride along Wakefield Road about which the Halifax District Council just don’t want to know.  Darting to the right through the smoke over Elland Bridge where mills and factories crowd both banks of the Calder, one does some mountaineering by car to find an expanded old village of character which is now being torn asunder.  This seems a pity even on a cold rainy day but it must rebuild to survive.   Like Sowerby Bridge, it is overshadowed by Halifax only three miles away and blocks of flats are rising to house to working population.


1966 Elland Staff MBM-Su66P22.jpg

Need we say that Elland makes a healthy profit?  The branch looks modern from the public space and oddly old-fashioned from behind – a crafty bit of cheating – otherwise it has changed little since 1873, and is soon to be rebuilt. 

1922 Elland Branch Exterior as L & Y Bank PA.jpg

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections – Steve Gee

Mr S Wilson the Manager, has already vacated the Bank House and he retires at the end of June as does his twin Mr J A Eastwood.  There is an air of unreality about Elland Branch drowsing opposite the pub at the end of Southgate yet it is busy enough coping each day with the modern manufacturing needs of textiles, engineering and fire extinguishers.

In the swim…

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1961 04 and 1962 03 MBM.jpg {The Manchester Banks' Amateur Swimming Association held its seventh annual gala on September 18th at the Victoria Baths, Manchester, and for the fifth year in succession the 'Sir Eric Carpenter' cup was won by the Bank's team which was drawn from the Liverpool and Manchester Districts. Up to the last two races, Barclays Bank were leading Martins by five points but our team, by winning both the ladies' and the men's squadron races in fine style, won the trophy with 22 points and provided a very exciting finish to the gala.

In the Inter-Banks Events the following members of the team were successful: Butterfly – Third: Miss H. Holroyd.  Free Style - Third: Miss H. Holroyd. In the Martins Bank Championships Miss H. Holroyd won the Ladies' Free Style Event.}   {In the winter issue of the Magazine last year we drew attention to the activities of Miss Hazel Holroyd (Elland) who distinguished herself at the annual gala of the Manchester Banks' Amateur Swimming Association. We mentioned her performances in some of the long-distance swimming events, including the Morecambe Cross Bay Swim and the swim across Lake Bala.

1962 03.jpgNow it is our pleasant duty to congratulate her on winning the Morecambe Cross Bay ten-mile women's championship on June 17th. She was only six yards in front, thirteen seconds in terms of time, when she waded out to win the title and trophy from last year's winner and 25-mile bay champion, Miss Ruth Oldham, a 20-year-old London University student. Number three was ten minutes behind. Hazel's time for the crossing was 3 hours, 34 minutes, 47 seconds.

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On July 7th she was one of the four women en­trants for the Torbay swim, from Torquay to Brixham and back, a distance of about seven miles. There were also sixteen male entrants. The water was unusually cold for the time of the year and eight of the men and two women had to be taken out because of cold or exhaustion. Miss Holroyd completed the swim and was the winner in the Women's Section in the time of 5 hours 16 minutes.}

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In a slight departure from our usual “then and now” format, we take a look at several images of the building that is Martins Bank’s Elland Branch, and a branch of Barclays until 2017. First of all as it was under the ownership of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank in 1922, then just a few years later in 1940 with Martins Bank at the helm, and finally the Branch as it was four years after the merger, as a Branch of Barclays in 1973. The 1922 Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank lithograph image is shown courtesy of the W N Townson Bequest to Martins Bank Archive…

Images © Barclays Ref 0030-0925
















1923 to 1947 Mr H Barker Pro Manager from 1942 MBM-Su46P27.jpg

1925 Mr G A Morley joined the bank here MBM-Wi61P05.jpg

1927 to 1938 Mr E Robinson MBM-Wi61P54.jpg

1930 to 1939 Mr E H Bennett joined the bank here MBM-Wi66P03.jpg

1937 to 1942 and 1946 to 1949 as pro manager from 1947 Mr A C Alderson  MBM-Au63P56.jpg

1937 to 1968 Mr GD Ingham joined, later pro Manager from 1968 MBM-Sp68P07.jpg






Mr H Barker

Pro Manager

1923 to 1947

Mr G A Morley

Joined the Bank here


Mr E Robinson

On the Staff

1927 to 1938

Mr E H Bennet

Joined the Bank Here

1930 to 1939

Mr A C Alderson

Staff 1937-42 1946-47

Pro Manager 1947-49

Mr G D Ingham

Joined 1937 onwards

Pro Manager 1968

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1940 approx to 1946 Mr A L Taylor signing Officer MBM-Sp62P50.jpg

1940 to 1942 Mr T Thornton MBM-Au68P15.jpg

1945 to 1959 Mr W simpson Manager MBM-Au59P57.jpg

1951 to 1952 Mr G Kilner MBM-Su66P06.jpg

1953 to 1968 Mr G F Howarth Pro Manager MBM-Sp68P50.jpg

1959 to 1966 Mr S Wilson Manager MBM-Au66P51.jpg






Mr A L Taylor

Signing Officer

1940 to 1946

Mr T Thornton

On the staff

1940 to 1942

Mr W Simpson


1945 to 1959

Mr G Kilner

on the Staff

1951 to 1952

Mr G F Howarth

Pro Manager

1953 to 1968

Mr S Wilson


1959 to 1966

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1961 Hazel Holyord  MBM-Wi61P39.jpg

1966 Miss C A Hall MBM-Su66P22.jpg

1966 Mr J Hollingworth MBM-Su66P22.jpg

1966 Miss C M Curtis MBM-Su66P22.jpg

1966 Miss P L Booth MBM-Su66P22.jpg






Miss Hazel Holroyd

On the staff


Miss C A Hall

On the Staff


Mr J Hollingworth

On the Staff


Miss C M Curtis

On the Staff


Mr Derek Parkin

On the Staff


Miss P L Booth

On the Staff


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1966 Mr J A Eastwood MBM-Su66P22.jpg

1966 Miss S M Turner MBM-Su66P22.jpg

1966 Miss S McVeagh MBM-Su66P22.jpg

1966 Mr IAM Bremner Manager MBM-Au66P04.jpg






Mr J A Eastwood

On the Staff


Miss S M Turner

On the Staff


Miss S McVeagh

On the Staff


Mr I A M Bremner


1966 onwards




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Index Number and District:






11-66-30 Elland

Full Branch

PO Box 5, 1 Southgate Elland Yorkshire

731 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Elland 2627

Nightsafe Installed

I A M Bremner Manager


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Eaton (Norwich)

27 September 1883

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

Friday 7 July 2017

Opened by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-29-48 Elland

Closed permanently from 12 noon

Elland - The Cross