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Martins Bank 1928+

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Martins Bank opens this beautifully appointed Branch at High Wycombe in June 1951, filling another gap in the Bank�s coverage of the home counties, encroaching once more on the territory of its rivals. A sub-Branch is added at Chesham in 1967, but come the merger with Barclays, it is not required. High Wycombe itself fares slightly better, and as a Branch of Barclays it manages to remain open until 1985.A number of interior photographs of the Branch are available, and as we will see below, they were probably taken soon after it was first opened, as the interiors are quite minimalist and austere.

Dark wood prevails in the customer area, and is that a typewriter we see behind the scenes?When Martins Bank Magazine first visits High Wycombe, the Branch is barely three years old.The resulting article is the usual mix of rapture at the fixtures and fittings, interspersed with local history and staff profiles. One particular member of the staff � whoseimage is not shown in our gallery below � joins the service of Martins Bank at High Wycombe in 1967 -one Miss L A Shrimpton.As High Wycombe is also home to World famous 1960s pin-up, the model Jean Shrimpton, we wonder if there might be a family connection?



In Service: June 1951 until 18 February 1985

Branch images � Barclays Ref 0030-1315


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1954 02 MBM.jpgIn the fair county of Buckinghamshire, life is lived more gently, more graciously and Time itself seems older, mellower, more aware of the eternal values than the industrial North. This may be an illusion, for people are much the same the country over, when you get beneath the veneer of local customs and outlook. Yet in the long run outlook must play a vital part in building up tradition and here in Buckinghamshire one can sense the tradition of the broad acres, of a rich and smiling countryside at which the finger of squalor has never pointed as in the big cities. It is, therefore, something of a surprise to come upon this sprawling, hilly town of over 40,000 people after passing through the quiet and lovely villages which lie between it and the Capital.

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1960 s High Wycombe Interior 3 BGA Ref 30-1315

1960 s High Wycombe Interior 4 BGA Ref 30-1315

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Yet it is entirely in keeping with the pastoral background against which it has grown, for High Wycombe owes its industrial beginnings and its rise as an important town to the beech woods and forests which surrounded it and its pre-eminent position in the chair making industry especially would be hard to challenge.

In addition to the big firms there are numerous small businesses thus engaged and the total number runs well into three figures. With this industrial start it is not surprising that other industry, both connected and uncon�nected with the original basic industry, should have been attracted. Paper making is an obvious example, but the town now houses a fairly wide variety of light industries - hence the need for banks. The Manager, Mr. P. M. M. Slatter, is a native of High Wycombe and has the ad�vantage of being known and of knowing the intricacies of the business problems of the place intimately. After the hurly-burly of banking life at Holloway Road, Kingsway, Fenchurch Street, then as Pro Manager at Moorgate and as Assistant Accountant at 68, Lombard Street for three years, it was not surprising to find him looking fresher, brighter and less strained than many of his colleagues condemned to life in the City. The country does that to you. When he assumed the managership at High Wycombe in June 1951 the Cicala Players lost in Paul Myrton one of their most talented amateur actors.

Mr Frewin, Mr Maynard, Miss Williams and Mr Slatter

This interest has been kept very much alive in High Wycombe, however, though latterly Mr. Slatter has concentrated on producing. After the close of business we were very pleased to accept the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Slatter in their very pleasant home, standing high above the town with spacious views from the windows, and, coming straight from the Potteries, were most interested to discover that among her many interests Mrs. Slatter is learning to be a potter herself.

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We inspected with great interest some of her early pieces. The staff is an all-Southern one�three men and a girl, and all the men are married, even the junior member. R. Maynard entered the Bank in 1943 and spent three years on the Relief Staff before his move to High Wycombe. C. G. Frewin started in 1951 after a couple of years as a Civil Servant at Northolt. He definitely prefers banking. He is also a keen footballer and has to stand a good deal of leg-pulling from his colleagues because of his membership of a team which has so far never won a match. But it will! Miss C. V. M. Williams has only been in the Bank since January. A native of Sidcup she applied to enter the Bank when her father's business took him to High Wycombe where their home now is. She does her work well and efficiently and her statements are a model of what statements should be. The new branch is spacious and attractively planned, with plenty of room for more staff as the business grows. We think it undoubtedly will.

Long to reign over us!

This lovely photograph is from the private collection of Martins Bank Branch Images kept by the late Geoff Taylor. Here we see High Wycombe Branch in June 1953, decked out in celebration of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second.The photo has a special charm because it is a personal snapshot, rather than being specially commissioned by the Bank.Geoff�s collection includesa dozen or so Branches of Martins Bank located in the south and South East of England, and each is its own mini social record of the early 1950s.You can find the other pictures by visiting the following Branches:

Image � Martins Bank Archive Collections � Geoff Taylor




16 High Street

2 Dashwood Avenue


13 High Street

Desborough Road


35 High Street









Corn Market

19 Desborough Avenue


39 High Street


33 High street


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1954 Mr C G Frewin MBM-Su54P25.jpg

1954 Mr R Maynard MBM-Au64P05.jpg

1969 Mr R L Peters Manager MBM-Wi52P34.jpg






Mr P M M Slatter



Miss C V M Williams

On the Staff


Mr C G Frewin

On the Staff


Mr R Maynard

On the Staff


Mr R L Peters


1969 onwards





Index Number and District:






11-67-40 High Wycombe

Full Branch

35 High Street High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

462 London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

High Wycombe 20301/2

Nightsafe installed

Mr R L Peters Manager

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Heywood Market Street

June 1951


18 February 1985

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-40-72 High Wycombe High Street


Higher Irlam