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Martins Bank 1928+

These rather grand “large town house” premises remained open as a Barclays’ Branch at Chorlton cum Hardy until the end of September 2022.  They originally belonged to the County Bank, whose successors the District Bank came to the aid of Martins Bank in December 1940, when their own Branch at Chorlton was completely destroyed by enemy action. 

Martins rented the building until the end of the war, and then purchased it from the District Bank. The following is an extract from Martins Bank’s Minute Book:

In Service: December 1940 until 28 September 2022

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Image © Barclays Ref 0030-0653

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Acc 80/588 : 14.06.1945  “Chorlton-cum-Hardy branch destroyed by enemy action in December 1940, since which time we have rented the well-appointed County Bank branch premises belonging to the District Bank.  The District Bank now offers to sell them to us for £10,000.   The committee approved the purchase”

Some members of Martins Bank’s staff manage to reach the end of their career before the 1969 merger with Barclays.  One such person is Mr Headey, who has clocked up a lengthy forty-four year stint with the bank, the last eight of which were spent as Manager of Chorlton-cum-Hardy Branch.  As ever, Martins Bank Magazine provides a verbal snapshot of the thankyous and goodbyes, which take place at the end of March, 1968…


1960 to 1968 Mr H Headey Manager MBM-Su68P51.jpg1968 02on March 29 Mr Headey, Manager at Chorlton-cum-Hardy, retired after 44 years’ service and a gathering of some forty people, including Mr N. E. Foster and Mr W. P. Glover, attended at the office to commemorate the occasion. After Mr Foster had thanked Mr Headey for his service Mrs Swaisland presented a bouquet to Mrs Headey. Mr Ratcliffe, remarking that one of Mr Headey’s greatest interests was music, gave him a gramophone motor and turntable, which will form the nucleus of a stereophonic record player he is assembling. Mr Cutler, on behalf of the Bank Club, thanked him for his past work in running the choir and the Bank Christmas parties. The assembled guests enjoyed an excellent buffet meal and a pleasant evening was spent by all. Beginning his career at Whalley Range, Mr Headey continued in the Manchester District until his retire­ment. He was appointed Clerk-in-Charge at Fallowfield in 1957 and Manager at Chorlton-cum-Hardy in 1960.


Our thanks go once more to Alan Thomond for the lovely contemporary image below of the Branch at Chorlton cum Hardy. A shame perhaps that the original windows now have a brick façade in front of them, but good to see the building still in use…

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Image © Barclays Ref 0030-0653

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections – Alan Thomond 2016


1944 to 1947 Mr H J Mottram MBM-Sp65P53.jpg

1945 to 1955 Mr W L A Wilkinson Manager MBM-Su55P54.jpg

1947 to 1948 Mr R A Pope joined the bank here MBM-Wi67P04.jpg

1952 to 1953 Mr R Paulson MBM-Au67P03.jpg

1955 to 1960 Mr H Cumberlidge Manager MBM-Su64P58.jpg

1960 to 1968 Mr H Headey Manager MBM-Su68P51.jpg






Mr H J Mottram

On the Staff

1944 to 1947

Mr W L A Wilkinson Manager

1945 to 1955

Mr R A Pope

Joined the Bank

Here 1947-48

Mr R Paulson

On the Staff

1952 to 1953

Mr H Cumberlidge


1955 to 1960

Mr H Headey


1960 to 1968

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1968 G Farrow Manager MBM-Su68P12.jpg

Mr G Farrow


1968 onwards








index Number and District:






11-81-20 Manchester Chorlton cum Hardy

Full Branch

587/9 Wilbraham Road Manchester 21

721 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

061 881 3022

Nightsafe Installed

Mr G Farrow Manager


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Manchester Chorlton-cum-Hardy

551 Wilbraham Road

December 1940

June 1945

15 December 1969

28 September 2022

Rented from the District Bank following destruction of 551 Wilbraham Rd

Purchased from the District Bank for £10,000

Barclays Bank Limited 20-21-24 Chorlton-Cum-Hardy 587/9 Wilbraham Rd

Closed permanently from 12 noon

Manchester Collyhurst