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Equitable Bank

The Equitable Bank yields a number of key branches when it amalgamates with the Bank of Liverpool and Martins in 1927. Amongst them is what becomes Martins Bank’s office at Westgate, Huddersfield, one of two full branches that the Bank have in the town. By the mid 1960s, decades of soot and grime have taken their toll on the building, and it’s time for a clean-up and a makeover, as part of a major refurbishment plan for many of Martins Bank’s older Branches. 

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The images below show the difference on the outside, and on the inside, a photo is published in Martins Bank Magazine to showcase the modern DESIGN work that goes into the new and re-fitted branches.  A somewhat spartan font has been used to pick out the Bank’s name across the building. We have so far only seen one other example of its use on a building, and that is at the completely re-built Branch at CHELTENHAM High Street in 1966.


In Service: ca.1920 until 6 November 1981


1960 s Huddersfield Westgate Exterior 2 BGA Ref 33-286

Image © Barclays Ref 0033-0286

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1968 Huddersfield Westgate Exterior 1 BGA Ref 30-1386 

Image © Barclays Ref 33-1386

1968 Westgate Interior MBM-Au68P50

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections

In 1966 it is the turn of Mr Willie Hanson to retire, and amongst the assembled well-wishers enjoying a buffet meal at the branch are the usual crowd from Martins Bank Magazine to capture the event for posterity…

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image0311952 to 1966 Mr W Hanson Pro Manager MBM-Wi66P56.jpgat the end of September ‘Willie’ Hanson, Pro Manager at Westgate, Huddersfield, for the last 14 years, retired after 44 years' service. Some fifty of his colleagues were enter­tained to a buffet meal at the branch prior to which Mr E. G. Morrell (Manager) welcomed Mrs Hanson who received a bouquet from Miss Christine Helliwell. He then made reference to the loyalty and support which Willie had shown to all, but in particular to him during his years as Manager. He also mentioned the innate kindliness which was behind all Willie's actions. Mr A. B. Stevens (Assistant District Manager), in the unavoidable absence of Mr Lister, added his own appreciation of Mr Hanson's sterling worth and presented him with a tape recorder. Prior to his appointment as Pro Manager at Westgate Mr Hanson had been Pro Manager at Vicar Lane and for five years Inspector at Leeds District Office.


1927 September Huddersfield Cheque - Stephen Walker.jpg

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections - Stephen Walker

Still proudly bearing the livery of the Equitable Bank, this cheque covers several important stages in the history of Martins Bank and refers to THREE of the Banks that are part of that process: The Equitable Bank, The Bank of Liverpool and Martins, and of course Martins Bank Limited.  The cheque itself was printed in September 1927 and our thanks go once more to Friend of the Archive Stephen Walker, for this image of another beautifully preserved cheque from his collection.


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1928 to 1936 Mr H W Williamson Pro Manager MBM-Su55P53.jpg

1939 to 1940 Mr J F Firth joined the bank here MBM-Sp64P06.jpg

1942 to 1945 Mr A Mitchell Pro Manager MBM-Su59P54.jpg

1943 to 1946 Mr L Marshall joined the bank here MBM-Su65P08.jpg

1946 to 1952 Mr J C Wood Manager MBM-Au56P49.jpg

1952 to 1966 Mr W Hanson Pro Manager MBM-Wi66P56.jpg






Mr H W Williamson

Pro Manager

1928 to 1936

Mr J F Firth

Joined the Bank Here

1939 to 1940

Mr A Mitchell

Pro Manager

1942 to 1945

Mr L Marshall

Joined the Bank Here

1943 to 1946

Mr J C Wood


1946 to 1952

Mr W (Willie) Hanson

Pro Manager

1952 to 1966

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1956 to 1962 Mr W Oldroyd Manager MBM-Su62P30.jpg

1966 to 1968 Mr P J Hole pro Manager MBM-Wi66P03.jpg

1968 Mr B Whiteley pro Manager MBM-Au68P15.jpg

BW Logo

BW Logo

BW Logo






Mr W Oldroyd


1956 to 1962

Mr P J Hole

Pro Manager

1966 to 1968

Mr B Whiteley

Pro Manager







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Index Number and District:






11-86-41 Huddersfield Westgate

Full Branch

35 Westgate Huddersfield Yorkshire

614 Leeds

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Huddersfield 27378/9

Night safe Installed

Mr E G Morrell Manager



Huddersfield Market Place


13 July 1927

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

6 November 1981

Opened by the Equitable Bank

Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-43-06 Huddersfield Westgate


Hutton Rudby